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    Hi, Since your last upgrade to Version 3.72 the popups on my website are triggering on the load of the page when it is actually added as a class to a button. Please see link reference. please let me know a solution to the bug.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Dear @perfect10design ,

    Thanks for getting in touch.
    May we ask you to update the plugin to the latest 3.73 version and if the issue still persists, enable the Debug mode, so we can check?

    Follow the steps below to achieve this.
    1. Go to Popup Builder settings.
    2. Check the “Enable DEBUG MODE”.
    3. Click “Save Changes”.

    P.S. Make sure to have the Popup Builder plugin latest version activated so you can have the Debug Mode feature available.

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    The plugin is on version 3.73 and still triggering on page load. I have enable the Debug mode, so you can check.


    I confirm that this issue is present on version 3.73.

    Dear @perfect10design ,

    Thanks for enabling the debug log.
    So, we have checked the settings of the popups and ensure, that some of the popups( 5910, 5923, 9765) have on load event.
    Please, make sure that you have set the right, on click events for all the popups.

    Dear @sendesign ,

    We will ask you to check as well if you have the right event for the popups.
    They all need to be on click and not on load.

    In case you have the right events, please, send us the website link and enable the debug mode, so we can check it.

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    Just for your update, I have been running your popup builder for over 2 years on this site and most of these popups were implamented well over 3 months ago working perfectly. When i did the plugin update that is when all went wrong.

    Oringinally your plugin event handler dropdown would be a blank first option where as now you made it an “onload” event. So all 90 popups of my clients are no longer triggering by “class” but “onload”. I will now have to adjust it to the new update handler called “set by CSS class”.

    Please adjust this for the next upgrade as I am sure there will be more people bringing this to your attention.

    Thanks for pointing out where the adjustment needs to be done. I will now go through each one and update accordingly.

    @perfect10design Yes that did the trick. What an unfortunate update.

    I have the same problem, I activated the debug mode and still not solved ….

    I have been using the pop builder for about a year and none of this has ever happened to me, it has automatically updated to the latest version and the popups on the main page open on their own.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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