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  • Hello.

    First of all this is great plugin, however I have a problem with pop up.

    When someone cancel the order and then again try to add new item, the system ask again for pickup delivery settings.
    That is ok but after that it is not displaying menu item that is being added to the cart.
    Screen is completely blocked with popup overlay without popup content.

    It looks like the javascript fires two times and something goes wrong.

    Can You please help me solve this problem.

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  • Plugin Author Kshirod Patel



    Are you using the latest version of RestroPress? Can you also try to switch to any other theme and check the issue.

    Hi, I am facing the same issue! In contact with the designers for quite a few days but no solution working so far …. .-/


    Hi again.
    Yes I am using latest version 2.3.1 and I have tested it with a few themes included the default WordPress themes.

    The problem persists.

    also I am unable to translate the delivery pickup date. It is always in English and in US format F j, and i need it to be in EU format j F.

    Thanks again for the fast answer.
    Best Regards


    Just a quick reply. You can change the time format to 24h instead of 12h. This was implemented in one of the lastest updates.

    But the translation issues stays. This is hard coded.


    Thanks @mrx99
    Time format is ok. I did set up 24h instead of am/pm. But the date remains in english language and US format. I did also change default wordpress time format to EU format.

    In my case it is Italian language and I see this: Consegna April 7 alle 15:30 and it should be Consegna 7 Aprile alle 15.30.

    This issue happens for our site with first time users. I’ts not ideal but we manage to solve it but adding this in our main.js file:

    $(document).on('click', '.submit-fooditem-button', function() {
      $('.modal-backdrop').css({'display': 'none'});

    The latest update broke the plugin even more. Whenever a user would select their delivery options, it would remove the 2nd pop up to select the items from the menu, forcing the user to refresh the page to remove the popup overlay.

    I recently had to add this to fix the issue: {
        display: flex !important;

    Our agency invested into this plugin but really starting to regret it with all the hassle it’s caused us. Hopefully support can help with these issues.

    Plugin Author Magnigenie


    @camknight sorry about all the problems. We will check across different themes and will update anything that’s needed.

    Can you share what’s the browser and os you got the issue on?

    Thanks @magnigenie. The issues seem to be happening on all devices and broswers though I’m primarily using the latest MacOS & Windows 10. We are using Divi for this project.

    Not sure if I have the exact issue as Mapero but this is a list of the main issues we came across:

    – Popup overlay wouldn’t disappear after adding the first food item to cart.
    – Changing open hours in the Restropress settings would cause the store to be closed. Had to manually change the hours via rpess_functions.php
    – Delivery fee (addon) wasn’t getting applied to the cart unless you reloaded the page on the food items page specifically. I have had to force page reload after clicking the Add to Cart button:

    $(document).on('click', '.submit-fooditem-button', function(e) {
    	setTimeout(function () {
        }, 1000);
    Plugin Author Magnigenie


    Thanks for sharing the details @camknight. We are going to address all of these issues ad get them sorted asap.

    Same issue with Astra theme + Elementor

    Anonymous User 17909044


    – Popup overlay wouldn’t disappear after adding the first food item to cart.

    I also have this one with Astra Theme + Elementor

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