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  • Hi,
    When viewing on mobile devices, the popup form doesn’t display properly. the left side gets cut off a bit on portrait e.g. NAME, only displays AME or EMAIL only display MAIL. On the landscape the popup form can’t be scroll up or down and it doesn’t display the full form. Anyone has the same issue? help appreciate. Thanks.

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  • Hello,

    We are having similar problems on mobile with multiple different websites that we have installed WP Stripe on. Does anyone know of a way to just turn the popup off for mobile? I haven’t found much help online.

    Appreciate any suggestions!


    Yes, the styles in the pop up are using a fixed width for the pop up, so it’s too wide for mobile. It seems like it would be a relatively easy fix for the plugin authors to adjust the width to 100% on smaller screens instead of a fixed width.

    This update will probably happen too late to be useful for me, but I wanted to suggest it so that it will hopefully help someone else out in the future.

    This is not perfect but it helps alot, put this at the bottom of /wp-content/plugins/wp-stripe/css/wp-stripe-display.css

    @media only screen and ( max-width:480px ) {
    #wp-stripe-wrap { width: 310px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form .wp-stripe-card input { width:250px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form textarea,
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form input { width:250px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form .stripe-row-right,.stripe-row-left{width:50%;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form .wp-stripe-notification {width:250px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form select {width:290px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form .wp-stripe-card input.card-cvc {width:100px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form select.card-expiry-year {width:60px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form select.card-expiry-month {width:35px;}
    form#wp-stripe-payment-form .stripe-expiry {display:none;}
Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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