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    1. http://jse.staging.wpengine.com/
    2. The popup should scale for my iPhone and allow visitors to click the close box.
    3. The popup is not scaling and the close box is not visible. When I attempt to scale it down I have to assume I’m not targeting the correct element because I can scale the content down but I cannot get the outer box to scale enough to reveal the close box.

    I’m not always able to force the window to popup even in a cache-less browser window. But I know it used to scale nicely.

    Thanks, Priscilla

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  • @pcgs51

    Sorry you’re having troubles, I’m sure we can get this resolved.

    First, double check for the responsive sizing under Display Settings pane in the Popup Editor.

    If you have it set to responsive sizes, then there is only one possible cause: your popup’s content (the part we have no control over) is wider than the screen and the popup had to expand to fit it. This generally means that the popup content doesn’t have responsive styles applied.

    Also, the popup can be cut off at the top because of the combination of having the Position (Display Settings in Popup Editor) set to Middle Center and Fixed – double check for those settings.

    Let us know if that helps.

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    Thanks for your speedy reply/1

    I’m looking at the Display Settings of the popup and see nothing that indicates I can edit “responsive sizing.” Are those words on the page?


    Apologies, to be more clear: the “Size” property in the Display Settings pane. Upon clicking the drop down menu to the right, you’ll see many choices of sizes available.

    They fall into two categories: Responsive and Non-Responsive, and you’ll be able to tell based on the tags within the drop down menu.

    Hope this helps.

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    Yes thanks. I see you have added that wording to the pulldown which wasn’t there before.
    So to be clear, I have it set to 40% in the Size window.

    However, I changed the max width to 400px and it almost looks good on my iPhone6. However it made the window on my desktop site smaller too. I used to have it set at 700px.

    My content does seem to scale so not worried that it is pushing the window larger.

    Do I have to live with that?


    I think the problem may be with your theme. Notice how in the screenshot below I can scroll so far right the page almost disappears, and I didn’t go as far as I could in the screenshot – this also occurs on my mobile device and Chrome’s device emulator, which all points to a theme issue:

    The popup is positioning itself based on screen size, you site’s screen size is a lot bigger than what is actually visible, hence the side scrolling and the popup positioning being weird.

    Also, there seems to be a background image missing as well, “bg-1”, notice the link in the very bottom right corner of the screenshot. Probably unrelated, but wouldn’t hurt to resolve this, as it’s triggering an error:

    All that said, I can’t seem to find what’s causing that side large screen, scrolling issue, so I’m going to have our Lead Dev @danieliser take a look as soon he is available to get a definitive solutions on this issue.

    Just to be clear, I don’t believe this is an issue with Popup Maker itself, but the theme you’re using.

    Thanks for being patient.

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    I would agree about the theme except everything has been working and scaling up until recently. I cannot pinpoint a timeframe.

    I removed the image that was not loading. So there is no issue on that account.

    I’ve been finding both FireFox and Chrome’s developers tools to be rather undependable lately. Not only for mobile views but also for desktop (Firefox).

    I look forward to hearing what Daniel has to say. 😉


    I had a similar problem with the top of the popup hidden at the top of the screen.
    I used the following settings to make this work with a Gravity form when the height is larger than the mobile screen:

    Responsive size: 60 or 40%
    Fixed Positioning – unchecked
    Disable Repositioning: unchecked
    Location: Top Center
    Top (distance) – I set at 60px; Adjust for your specific layout

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    Thanks phwayne,

    My settings have been just as you kindly shared.

    I’m not able to make that quit box show up without setting the Max Width to 320px.
    So my client’s site much have a very small popup on the desktop view.
    I’m perplexed because this all used to work and scale. I used to have a nice sized popup for the desktop and a popup that fit on my phone.


    I will have our Lead Dev @danieliser take a look as soon as possible.

    Thanks for your patience.

    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @pcgs51 – Ok took another look and @waltmesser was correct. In your last footer widget, the search widget, the submit button is transparent and moved off to the right, this is causing the window to be wider than it should. You need to hide this button likely instead using display:none; or similar.

    Screenshot of the problem element & information

    To see it full size click here.

    Hope that helps. Please take a moment to click that it Works and to rate and review the plugin or support.

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    Hey Walter and Daniel!

    I finally got around to fixing this issue using your recommendation. Yep worked perfectly once I stepped back and saw how my CSS needed to be written.

    The odd part was that I could not see issues in my responsive view simulator. So Firebug was not helping me.

    Please mark this topic [Resolved]

    I wish you both a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

    Priscilla Christian


    Awesome, glad we got that worked out – thanks so much Priscilla! You too!

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

    If you’re enjoying our product, please do take a moment to click that our plugin Works and to rate and review the plugin to spread the love! <3

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    Hey Walter!

    I just pulled the trigger and purchased the Popup Maker Core Extensions Bundle! And yes, I wrote a glowing review long ago. Cannot wait to see what cool stuff I can do for my clients with all the whistles and bells. It already does so very much!


    Plugin Author Daniel Iser


    @pcgs51 – Just a tip, if you need a form plugin or page builder Ninja Forms & Beaver Builder work awesome with Popup Maker to make super custom popups. PM & Ninja Forms have quite a few tightly nit features to help make using them together 1000x easier.

    In any case thank you very much for your purchase and show of support.

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    Yep, I also pulled the trigger on Beaver Builder this weekend! I’m using Gravity Forms these days and hope that you will support that plugin as well. It will be hard to jump ship from GF.


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