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  • I installed the plugin and setup a modal to work when the user attempts to leave the page. I included the short-code on a test page and tried it out. It is not working when I exit from the test page.

    I then set it to work when scrolling. I reloaded the test page and noticed that I see a very quick look at the text of my modal on the page before it goes away. Scolling does nothing at all.

    I then set the modal to work on page load. When I reload the page, I see the initial quick text from the modal on the page, and then the modal overlay itself loads.

    So it seems that of these three options, only the “On page load” works. Any ideas?

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    Can you set a modal window to work when scrolling and show the page?

    Here you go. The link to the test page is below. I have the shortcode pasted onto the page under all of the rest of the content.

    Plugin Author Wow-Company


    Please, update to version 2.5

    Thanks, but that did not quite do the trick yet.
    1. I updated to the latest.
    2. Now when I am set on show modal when scrolling, show modal on page load, or show modal when user is leaving the page, it pops up a modal when I move my cursor to the bookmarks bar at the top of my browser but only then, and only once. It does not show a modal when any of the above actions take place. In order for the action that is happening when I hover over the bookmarks bar to take place I have to reload the page every time to reproduce it.
    3. I have cleared cached images and files and done repeated hard refreshes on the browser. Behavior stays the same as described.

    By the way. Thanks for looking into this. You are trying your best to give support, and that is what makes a plugin worth having!

    Any further ideas?

    Plugin Author Wow-Company


    If you chose ‘When the user tries to leave the page’, the modal window will be displayed once per page when the mouse crosses the bookmarks.

    That is understandable for the ‘When the user tries to leave the page’ setting but it shouldn’t do that for all the other settings too as I stated above in my 3rd post.

    It looks like I am “still looking” for a way to encourage people to log out of one particular page on my site before they leave the page.

    Thanks though…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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