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  • Definitely still happens with the API registered.

    I tried to recover the Popup using the trick mentioned in another thread here:

    going to the position of the popup, one can discover the … code intside of some of the fields there, and remove it. This fixes the message, but it still won’t work:

    <div id=”pum-5023″ class=”pum pum-overlay pum-theme-2717 popmake-overlay auto_open click_open” data-popmake=”{“id”:5023,”slug”:”sprung-floor-and-more-indiegogo-campaign-3″,”theme_id”:2717,”cookies”:[{“event”:”on_popup_close”,”settings”:{“name”:”pum-5023″,”key”:”15d027848ea”,”time”:”3 days”,”path”:1}}],”triggers”:[{“type”:”auto_open”,”settings”:{“delay”:”500″,”cookie”:{“name”:[“pum-5023”]}}},{“type”:”click_open”,”settings”:{“extra_selectors”:””,”cookie”:{“name”:null}}}],”mobile_disabled”:null,”tablet_disabled”:null,”meta”:{“display”:{“size”:”medium”,”responsive_min_width”:””,”responsive_max_width”:””,”custom_width”:”640″,”custom_height”:”380″,”animation_type”:”fade”,”animation_speed”:”350″,”animation_origin”:”center top”,”location”:”center top”,”position_bottom”:”100″,”position_top”:”100″,”position_left”:”100″,”position_right”:”100″,”overlay_zindex”:”1999999998″,”zindex”:”1999999999″,”responsive_min_width_unit”:”px”,”responsive_max_width_unit”:”px”,”custom_width_unit”:”px”,”custom_height_unit”:”px”},”close”:{“text”:”Already got it covered!”,”button_delay”:”3000″,”esc_press”:”true”,”f4_press”:”true”},”click_open”:{“extra_selectors”:””}}}” role=”dialog” aria-hidden=”true” aria-labelledby=”pum_popup_title_5023″>

    Could probably recover it through database, but otherwise need to create a new popup.

    Still not sure what breaks it.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @supaiku – To clarify this issue has been around for a while and I have tried multiple times to duplicate it without success. Nobody seems to know how they caused it to occur until well after it has occurred.

    Also of note this have never been the reason a popup didn’t work. This won’t break anything in our JS because we sanitize everything before using it, so if you see this, its not the reason your popup isn’t working, just annoying extra html on the page.

    I would check your browser console for JS errors.

    I’ll check for errors next time – at first it seems to be a reason it wasn’t working, but perhaps there was something else – I assumed it was that since it was the only irregularity.

    Will check back in

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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