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  • I’m wondering if there is any easy way to modify something like the comment popup window template to use it as a means of delivering content. The main reason I want to use this is to copy the content of, say, a news article online. Often times when I post a link like that to the source site, the story is archived or removed, or just otherwise unavailable, so the link is pointless and outdated. What I’d like to do is be able to copy the story text and save it to my WP, either as a sort of page that uses the db or as an HTML document. When the user clicks the link, a window with the story content would pop open, similar to a popup comment window, with a link to the original source. Is there an easy way to make this happen? Maybe a plugin or something I don’t know about? A file that I could easily edit and use for this?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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