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  • Hello!

    Noob here so please be kind. 🙂

    I’m putting a website together using an Elelgant Themes theme and it looks ok, the menu’s slide down like I want them to but I’ve hit a wall as to how to get info from a table in my phpMyAdmin database into the wordpress site itself.

    Here’s what I’m trying to achieve (it’s for a property-based website):

    Remote user logs in using a username and password I issue them (both details are in a table in the database under CLIENTS)

    From there, they will be presented with a dropdown box where they are able to select a property managed by them. (I have a list in the database called PROPERTIES).


    I have worked out how to run a query in phpMyAdmin by filtering CLIENTS name and PROPERTIES list and, much to my surprise, it actually gives me the correct results! A small win.

    But how on earth to a get a page in WordPress to do this?
    How do I get WP to look at the username used to log in and present the relevant drop-down box with a list of their properties (say, for arguments sake, on the home page)..

    There are functions that I’ll need to do after this selection but let me jump off this bridge first.

    Again, I am a noob so explain it like you’d explain it to a 12 year old, step by step.

    Any help is VERY VERY much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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