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  • I have been running populartiy Contest a while now but I am never sure what are the best settings to use.

    What Popularity Values do you guys use for posts?


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  • No rhyme or reason:

    Permalink 10
    Home 2
    Archive 4
    Category 6
    Feed 10
    Comments 30
    Ping 10
    Track 30

    I’m not sure how the calculations actually work. When I go to the most popular posts screen that details the scores, the calcs don’t seem to come out right (the scores are not necessarily a factor of the values above). At any rate, I like the concept.

    I use the stock values…

    Do you think they aren’t representative?

    I would be open to changing mine. I just never really gave it much though.

    Unless your home view has only one post, it’s not really representative of a view of any of the posts on the page. All my posts will have a more tag, so a permalink view is weighted higer because I know they actually intended to go to that article.

    Comments tand trackbacks are weighted higher for me because it’s indicative that a “conversation is going on” and pings are lower because most pings are my own (from my other posts).

    Just my thoughts – I’m not even sure I interpret the calculations correctly though.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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