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  • I’ve released beta 3 of the Popularity Contest plugin:

    I’m opening a new thread here as the last one has gotten a bit long and unweildy and most of the problems mentioned there have already been fixed.

    If you are seeing any problems with this release, please include the following information in your report:

    • Version of WordPress you are using
    • Theme you are using
    • A list of all active plugins you are using
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  • Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the update.

    Still get the admin 404.

    I still have major proplems because it hasn’t registered any clicks for a few days now.

    It may be conflicting with Event Calender – thats the only plugin I have added recently.

    Any ideas why this would be?

    It appears the sections, Post, Cat, Arch, Home, Feed, Ping, Track do not update although comments do.

    Any suggestions?


    Alex – is there a way to put a tag in the loop that displays the views of the post, rather than the popularity %?

    elyonline – I’m sorry, I have no idea what is going on for you. Since other people don’t seem to have having the same problems and I don’t see them, I’m guessing it has something to do with your specific site configuration.

    Arlo – sure, feel free to use whatever data you like, just add a hookable function into the code.

    I think I can work out adding the hook, but what function would I call that pulls a post’s view count? Or do I have to add one?

    If there isn’t a function for the specific data you want, you’ll need to add one.


    Ok thanks anyway, but I can confirm that if I de-activate the plug-ins ‘WP-Stats’ and ‘Event Calender’ you plug-in works.

    Why would that be?


    Just wanna say thanks for your plugin Alex, and leave a suggestion: include an easy way to replace “Popularity: 80%” with a picture/graphic or .gif for a nicer layout (maybe using the str_replace)


    Anyone having issues with the update of values looking in the wrong place has this plugin in the directory that the zip creates; the way Alex wrote the plugin, it expects it to be in wp-content/plugins/, not a subdirectory underneath that.

    Now, mind you, I prefer my plugins to be in their own directories, and I’d like that to be the standard way to do things, but …


    Just a quick question, is it possibile to list the most popular categories in addition to the most popular posts? I could see this being quite handy for those folks that have a truckload of categories and want to direct their users to the cats that get the most traffic.

    It’s certainly possible (it is shown on the report page) – but I don’t have a “template tag” for that. I bet it would be easy to add.

    Hi Alex, 2 questions:
    first I want to say: it’s great plugin.
    And my questions:
    1)why there is nothing in admin/options/popularity?
    Is it ok?i can see my stats in admin/dashboard/most popular posts.
    2) i’ve implemented flash for showing popularity of top 10 posts, i add new function into your plugin(hope, that this is not problem, but I dont know how to find total percentage of popularity, i just know single views for post, as it on my blog:
    Can you tell me how i can find it out?

    I have already fond out solution for percentage (but it differs 1% 🙂 ) but i have copy it from other function where is computed through ceil function, so i do not know, why it differs.

    “I bet it would be easy to add.”… lol… It’s all relative… I’ll take a peek and see what I can come up with…

    My “Category Views” and “Archive Views” aren’t being incremented… Here’s a link for one of my categories. Do you think the problem may reside in the template I’m using?…

    Perhaps, try using the default template and see what happens.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 100 total)
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