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  • Hi WordPress users,

    I tried to install “Popularity Contest“. Unfortunately the plugin is not able to access my database:

    Table ‘XYZ.wp_ak_popularity_options’ doesn’t exist on line: 122

    What do I have to change!

    Thank you in advance, Phil

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  • whooami



    That error isnt the plugin having trouble with accessing your db, that’s telling you the table it needs isn’t there.

    By “tried to install” are you saying you activated it? It should have created the necessary table(s) when you activated it. Sometimes, for some unknown reason, people have trouble with plugins creating tables though.

    In which case you can always create those tables yourself.

    I couldnt actually figure out how to download the plugin off Alex’s site, I dont use it, and couldnt get past the donate box. But if you have activated it, and are still seeing that message, you will need to install the table yourself through phpmyadmin most likely.




    Figured out how to get the zip…

    here’s the query you would need to enter once you get into phpmyadmin are looking at your database:

    Attempts to paste it were circumvented by the use of backticks within the query. ive put it here for you:

    Before you try doing that though, I would make sure have activated the plugin, and even if you have, I would deactivate it and reactivate one more time just to see if that solves the problem.


    thank you for your help. I followed your instruction and used your code. Now the plugin is displayed and the blog works again.

    Unfortunately I face a new problem:

    Warning: Division by zero in /blog/wp-content/plugins/popularity-contest/popularity-contest.php on line 1269

    All posts are “unranked”.

    Thank you in advance, Phil

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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