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  1. theillustratedlife
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I just opened up a blog on my site for a friend (brandon.slipabuck.com). I have ShortStat installed, and it says he has over 200 hits, the majority of which are directed to http://brandon.slipabuck.com/wp-content/plugins/popularity-contest.php?ak_action=css

    Is this cause for concern? Are there better stats packages than ShortStat/Popularity Contest?


  2. Ment0r
    Posted 10 years ago #

    i think that happens because popularity contest is a counter. so it has to be everywhere where people a clicking.

    i have my most hits on some javascripts and css files..

    you need to understand what a "hit" is: a hit is nothing more then a HTTP GET-Request. Let's say your page consist of 10 files (images, css, scripts) and you get 1 visitor, he will generate 10 hits.. basicly.. cause that happens only if he really downloads the whole site.

    if he clicks by mistake, hits abort for some reason or using the back-button, he wont finish the download of the full document.

    BUT: he will at least receive some files.

    And because css, counterscripts and such are placed on top of any page (head), those are being loaded most. More then the normal content and thus generating the most/more hits.

    i hope i explained it understandable... its still early for me (plus, i'm german and my english is sometimes.... ^^)

    however.. only check for the visitors/computers.
    hits are just the files downloaded.

  3. theillustratedlife
    Posted 10 years ago #

    I was kinda thinkin that after I posted, but 200 hits on a site that hadn't launched yet seemed unreal.

    Thanks much.

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