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  • Thank you and nice plugin Alex.

    Oh, Mercy!! I am, like, immensely embarrassed!

    I tried reading the README.txt, but in Notepad, which piled everything into one long paragraph. It’s not very easy to read that way. My fault for no opening it in another application.

    But then, there was no reason I couldn’t have discovered the solution by just looking at the php file itself. Yet, DUH! Despite scouring it, I missed the absolute OBVIOUS in the first few lines of the script.

    Alex, I’m really sorry. I was truly surprised when I couldn’t find an easy solution to my issue from within one of your scripts. Given your reputation, I should have just kept looking, confident that the answer was there somewhere. Please forgive me.

    It really is a great plugin.

    Glad you’re all set now. 🙂

    Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the great plugin…I have been using it for a while at however have never been able to use any of the admin features. When I click on the links either from the options page or the plugins page, I get taken to but the page is blank, that is it just is basically the dashboard page with nothing on it.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Sorry, no idea what the problem is there.

    I posted this in the thread for 1.0, and I’m posting it here too, in case no one reads that old thread anymore:

    I would love to calculate popularity of posts by manual voting, such as a button for every post that says “Flag for ‘Best Of'”. Could you add manual voting to the popularity criteria?

    So how about it? I’ve tried another tack, but it wasn’t successful. I think having vote/flag buttons in Popularity Contest would be very elegant.

    Thanks for the plugin!

    I have tweaked Popularity Contest so it includes Pages as well as Posts. I also fixed a potential incompatibility with other plugins. To get this tweaked version, see my Semicolon post Popularity Contest for Pages. I did this in the hope that Alex will incorporate my (simple) changes into the next version.

    Posting a fork without even notifying the original author isn’t generally the way to get someone to adopt your changes.

    I have installed version 1.1 but it does not count posts, permalink and archive views in the control panel. Do I miss something?

    If you have problem with this plugin then check if you have the Google sitemap plugin istalled. In this case dowload the tweaked version here

    Hi Alex,
    I searched all over the WP support forums… but no one seems to be having the same problem as me.

    For some strange reason Popularity Contest is showing n% on pages…
    I noticed in the readme how to dissable the showing for all posts, but I want posts to show it, just not on pages. Is there a work-around for this?

    I think looking at my site can explain it better than I can:

    Thank you again for this wonderful plugin and all the hard work you do with WordPress.


    There needs to be an additional check on line 1654:

    if ($ak_show_popularity_with_post == 1 && !is_feed()) {

    should be:

    if ($ak_show_popularity_with_post == 1 && !is_feed() && !is_page()) {

    Completely untested – hope it works.

    Thank you for the quick response Alex. 🙂
    I tried this out but it doesn’t seem to be doing much. It still displays “popularity %” on pages *sobs*

    I can’t code to save my rear, but I assume && !is_page() means to exlude pages not including them? …since $ak_show_popularity_with_post == 1 (and not 0)

    And another funny thing, if its showing popularity % on pages, why don’t they show up in the “Most Popular Posts” on the Dashboard? 😉

    Thank you again for your time and help,

    Ok, tested fix checked in:

    Grab the “In Development Version”

    Thank you Alex, that seemed to get them off all the pages except the front page. 🙂

    My site uses “Static Front Page v1.3” by Denis de Bernardy… could that be a reason why it still shows up?

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