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  • hey all,

    i’ve just relaunched & redesigned, now using WP 🙂 we’ve been doing this site for almost 10 years now (wow i can’t believe that) and as the site has grown i’ve really been feeling the limits of the backend i had created. so after a lot of trial and error with other systems (tried drupal, etc) i finally settled on wordpress and overall i’m pretty pleased with it 🙂

    i had some problems with site slowdown, but david chait kindly took the time to check the site out and pointed out some things i could optimize, starting with wp-cache2, which has helped quite a bit!

    anyway, we’re now in “soft relaunch” mode, so i thought i’d invite some WP-ers to check it out.

    let me say in advance that i know the front page is heavy. and i know that i have tables in my layout where i don’t need them (i do plan to fix that, along with everything else) and other no no’s.

    while i do welcome constructive criticism, mostly this is more of a wordpress appreciation post! thanks to matt & all the developers for making life so much easier 🙂

    -jon h.

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  • Froma design standpoint – me likes. Very “pop culture”!

    But looking at the code, I have one large suggestion: take all those scripts and make them external.

    Just my 2 cents 😉

    Otherwise…nice 🙂

    You know my thoughts on PCS man — it’s very spiffy and better than ever!!! (I’ve also been thinking of making GN totally operate off WP… going to need a talented programmer to make that possible though.

    Anyways, nice work, Birdie!!! *thubms up* 😀

    Love your site dude 🙂 well done!!!!!

    Just curious, bahn- why would you need a “talented programmer”? Looks pretty straightforward to me (at first glance, anyway..)

    Hey doodlebee,

    Actually our backend isn’t driven by WP… the CMS was created from scratch from an old friend. 🙂

    GotSpace ( is though… and the more I use it, the more I’d like to have it become a more involved component.

    One of my longterm goals is to have a commenting system incorporated into the rest of the site, thus offering our readers a more direct, interactive tool. That’s pretty much it — don’t wanna take away any attention from chanzero’s thread.

    bahn: lol! funny running into you here! well anyway, as you can see i do recommend WP. the built-in commenting is definitely a nice incentive 🙂

    doodle: i’ll definitely do that. it’s mostly the front (non-single) pages where i have all the scripts in the page itself. that’s a remnant from testing which i need to move out now that things seem to be working properly. thanks 🙂

    puma: thanks man 🙂

    chanzero: Yeah, saw you were over at the XD Forums too!

    Re: WP

    It is one of the best applications I’ve come across, no argument there — but we’ve got over 2yrs of data that would be difficult to shoehorn with our existing CMS… otherwise I’d be more than happy to make a full transition. We’ll see what happens! 😀

    hmm. i know i initially stated that this was more of a “thank you wordpress!” post than a call for critiques, but i keep seeing referrals to PCS from this thread but no additional posts, and that’s a sad feeling 🙂 so let me go back on what i said earlier, and to whoever hits the site up, please let me know your feedback 🙂

    bahn: i love the integration of xdf, but it’s lacking a lot of features at this point. as far as WP as cms, i’m doing it and it works for me, but part of the reason i switched was ease, which is a big factor. in an alternate universe i might’ve gone with drupal, had i not encountered permalink probs which no one on the forums was able to shed any light on. maybe WP isn’t the best, maybe it is — but we really outgrew the custom cms i created back when, and WP was my best working solution. so far so good 🙂

    It’s a very nice site, but my biggest gripe is that it’s not built with pure CSS. Ditch the tables, and I know you mentioned that in your first post, but it’s something to get started on while you’re waiting for other feedback. 🙂

    chanzero: yeah — it’s definitely lacking and I SO wanted it to work. I’ve looked into the WP/vB bridge — but I’ve been told that it doesn’t offer quite what I’m looking for.

    kineda: thanks. and good point 🙂

    bahn: hey guess what, i just went to SRK and their front page is a wordpress installation/error screen lol. EDIT: nm, they fixed it

    from a total non-technical person your site looks fabulous! pretty amazing what you (technical) people can do! I’m jealous!

    very nice design, ive also bookmarked the site

    hey cw, i don’t consider myself that technical or even a very talented designer — it’s just playing with things and weighing that against your sense of color & porportion, etc. but thanks for the kind words 🙂

    thanks roraz, hope to see you in the comments section 🙂

    I have to agree with creativewitch in that techincally (and non-technically) the site is impressive

    I love the way the site is set out, kind of like a magazine site layout, especially the front page – it really presents alot of information as well

    Id be very interested if you had a list of plugins that you used on the site if you had one (this plugin can do that automatically 😉 ) or do you do alot of the stuff manually eg the top stories list, images, video list, the news tickers etc??

    also i noticed that your images have urls within specified folders (year and post numbers) like:

    Im just curious if you have an upload manager plugin for your images and files or if your doing it via ftp? Ive been looking for a way to keep my uploads more organised (on a post by post basis) and something I can use within WP – but haven’t yet found something?!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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