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    One of the craziest most infuriating features on my StudioPress/Wordpress website currently under development is the little pop up boxes. I get a small window every time I hover over a link or a menu item or even a slide or image. The POP UP information is the same as the file name or Post/Page title - If menu word/title is "HOME", then the POP UP says [HOME]for several seconds and then vanishes. aaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

    Does anyone here know how to turn off / remove it ?

    Thanks in advance,
    Andrew. Datakey.

  2. tgiokdi
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I'm pretty sure you're experiencing the alt or title text that's in the link. check out the link structure in your theme's code for these:

    `'<img src="cafeteria.jpg" height="200" width="200" alt="UAHC campers enjoy a meal in the camp cafeteria">

    <table width="100" border="2" title="Henry Jacobs Camp summer 2003 schedule">

    <a href="page1.html" title="HS Jacobs - a UAHC camp in Utica, MS">Henry S. Jacobs Camp</a>>'`

    example via http://www.netmechanic.com/news/vol6/html_no1.htm

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