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  1. DaveMcK
    Posted 11 years ago #


    I have popup comments set up so that links in the comment window open in a new window, rather than the tiny popup. I have done this by putting
    <base target="_blank" />
    in the header.

    However, this has the undesired effect of opening a new window whenever anyone clicks "submit" after writing a comment. The result being a large comment window open with the new comment, and the original smalll window open behind without.

    Is there a way of fixing it so the submit button does not open a second window?



  2. rwatkins
    Posted 11 years ago #


    It is <base href="..."> that is causing you said grief. But are you sure you want to use the popup commenting? It seems more like you'd be after using comments_link() instead of the popup link.

    If you do still want the popup link then you'd need to change the function comments_popup_script in comment-functions.php so that it opened a window with scrollbars, titlebars, toolbars and stuffs like that. Some javascript reference will probably help you with that.


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