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    Wow, pretty concerned right now. I’ve had a pop-up with hustle for close to a year now and I just now learn that many of my subscribers, or people attempting to subscribe via this pop-up, are not being successfully subscribed. When I click on view the mailing list, and I click on an individuals info, I look at the mailchimp integration and it shows me the following:

    Bad RequestSomething went wrong. {“type”:””,”title”:”Invalid Resource”,”status”:400,”detail”:”Your merge fields were invalid.”,”instance”:”1bddbf6c-27c4-d624-f4ad-faeb0e9afaf2″,”errors”:[{“field”:”FNAME”,”message”:”Please enter a value”}]}
    Member status
    Member could not be subscribed.

    this has been going on for much longer then I was even aware of for MANY users trying to subscribe. Please fix this pop-up for me or tell me how to fix it myself. Also is there anyway to get the people that have already attempted to subscribe to actually be on my mailing list in mailchimp? I really hope I won’t have to miss out on these subscribers

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • Plugin Support Adam – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @ambitiouslyalexa

    I hope you’re well today!

    I’m sorry to hear about the issue!

    I understand that you have noticed it just now, after the popup has been running for a while. For the past submissions that failed to be sent to MailChimp – the question is whether you do have your popup set to store submissions to local list too.

    If yes, then even despite not being pushed to mailChimp, those submissions should be still stored locally and you should be able to find them on “Hustle -> Email Lists” page.

    If you can see them there then there’s an option available to export them to a CSV file. Such file may require some slight editing after that (using e.g. Google Sheets or similar tool) but you should be able to use it then to import those missing contact manually to your MailChimp. Take a look here, please:

    As for those submissions failing, the direct reason is stated in that error message. It suggests that “something” is wrong with the name field and one of the common issues would be that field not being set to required in popup but be required in MailChimp settings.

    If that’s the case then some subscribers would be successfully added to MailChimp – those that provided their name; and some would not be added to MailChimp but would not be given error on popup form (as popup wouldn’t require them to add a name) – those that would not provide the name.

    If the field is already set as required already (and was set like that always – that’s important!) then we’d need to check the popup configuration. If so, could you please export popup in question and share it with us? The best way to share would be to put export on e.g. your Google Drive or Dropbox or similar account and post direct link to it in response below.

    We could then check this and see what to do next to get it solved.

    Kind regards,

    Thread Starter ambitiouslyalexa


    Hi Adam,

    Here is a link to the exported pop up:

    I do see the emails stored in the local list, but when I export the spreadsheet, it doesn’t show in the spreadsheet which contacts have been successfully added and which haven’t, so it looks like it’ll be a pretty manual process of looking into which contacts were successful and which weren’t.

    I have the firstname and email fields set to required on the popup, and always have. It looks like many of the submissions provided both their first name and email, too. So I believe the error is a false one, maybe a glitch? I even tried the popup form myself by entering a new email and my name, and it shows “success” on the front end, but shows that it failed on the back end and does not transfer to Mailchimp.

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    I should also add that it looks like not every contact is failing to be subscribed–I just looked at my most recent subscriber and they were successful. But there is still a vast majority of contacts that aren’t being subscribed, even when they submit both their firstname and email. So I’m not sure what the discrepancy is there.

    Plugin Support Patrick – WPMU DEV Support


    Hi @ambitiouslyalexa

    Thank you for the module, can you please try to edit your PopUp > Emails > Edit your Name field and set it to FNAME instead of name?

    So it will match the MailChimp tag:

    Let us know the result you got.
    Best Regards
    Patrick Freitas

    Thread Starter ambitiouslyalexa


    I gave that a try and it’s been working perfectly all day with about 10 new subscribers being successfully subscribed! Thank you so much, that’s a big help!

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