• Unfortunately the pop-up list stays around obscuring the LH side of the post when you edit a post. Maybe this is just with WordPress 5.0.1

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  • Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    I tested the plugin on WP 5.0.2, and wasn’t able to reproduce this issue. Please create a support topic with a more detailed description, I can look into it.

    In the future, I think plugin authors would appreciate if you created a support ticket first, instead of an instant 1-star review.

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    Thank you for the advice, Eliot. If you could show me the best way of initiating a support ticket, I will do that in future.

    Meanwhile, I have further information and am now on WP 5.0.2. With either Posts or Pages checked in Settings, the plugin appears to work but with both checked, one of the lists is in a column alongside the Dashboard main menu, thereby obscuring the content. It may be due to the large number of posts and pages I have and, in any case, this large number means that having a permanent list in the dashboard menu is inconvenient. Therefore, I will not be using the plugin. I had anticipated that the post or page meny would be transient, appearing as the cursor moved onto Pages or Posts and disappearing when it moved off the list.

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    Thank you for the issue description, that’s helpful to understand what’s happening.

    > one of the lists is in *a column alongside* the Dashboard main menu, thereby obscuring the content

    OK, I’ll test the plugin with a large number of posts and pages, to see how to improve handling such cases.

    There’s an option in the settings page to *limit the number of items* per post type. Would that help to prevent the issue for now?

    I can also add another option per post type, to not show a permanent list in the dashboard menu, but only on hover. Do you think that would help make it more practical?

    If you don’t mind working with me to solve the issue, I’d be glad to get to the bottom of it. Here’s the link to create a new issue ticket: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/admin-menu-post-list/

    Hi Eliot ( @miyarakira ),
    I have the same issue on a WordPress 4.9.8 site, so it may not be related to WordPress 5.x.

    In my case I have limited amount of Post and Pages and they work fine (also with both Posts and Pages checked in the Plugin’s Settings). The issue is with Products; I have nearly 800 products and when I select ‘Products’ it indeed shows the column alongside the Dashboard main menu thereby obscuring the content, as reported by @michael1947

    Plugin Author Eliot Akira


    Hello, thank you for confirming the issue with large number of posts. I’ll be following up on it in this support thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/admin-menu-post-list-pop-up-obscures-content/

    OK, I’ll test with hundreds of posts to see if I can reproduce the issue on my end. That will help me figure out how to solve it.

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