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    I added to a popup a mailchimp form. So if anyone subscribes to the mailchimp, normally “Thanks for subscribing” is shown. But the pop up closes and the user doesn’t know if he subscribed.
    Also if someone already subscribed, he enters in his information and the pop up is closing. Only when you open the pop up again, you see that you’ve already subscribed. This should normally be shown right away.

    So I need a solution that the popup doesnt’t close when the user subscribes to the form, he needs to see the “Thanks” and afterwards the popup needs to be closed with the “close” button.

    The website:

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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    @evahr – Looks like your using MailChimp4WP plugin. Likely the form doesn’t use AJAX submission which means the page refreshes when you submit.

    I am working on a solution for these types of forms in v1.4 but currently this won’t work correctly. I’m not sure if their forms can be made to use AJAX or not. We use the embeddable form code directly from MailChimp dash in our popups which redirects to a error page if there are errors and takes them back to the site when they finish.

    There are a few plugins that allow mailchimp using AJAX. Ninja Forms & Gravity Forms both have mailchimp addons, likely you can find a free plugin though to do it.

    @danieliser, thanks for your answer.

    I didn’t find a free plugin for Ninja Forms & Gravity Forms. I tried Easy Peasy Mailchimp, but it seems that I need to customize a lot with CSS, which I am not to trained in too well.
    For other Plugins for Mailchimp and Ajax I am only finding Plugins which don’t work properly or which don’t have a review, so I kind of think they are not too trustworthy.

    Do you have a suggestion? Thanks

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @evahr – Have you considered the standard embed code from your MailChimp dash?

    @danieliser, what do you mean? I am a pretty newbie..

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @evahr – This should explain it better than I could.

    You edit your popup, click the text tab and put the form code from mailchimp there.

    @danieliser, thanks. But I still don’t get it.
    The form is already created and it’s also working. The only thing what I need is to show a notification “You successfully subscribed” in the same pop-up.

    @danieliser. I edited the popup and put the form code from mailchimp there. But after subscribing still the new window is opening.. That’s what I don’t want.

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @evahr – Ok so I understood your initial problem to be the form wasn’t coming back up after they submit to show confirmation and errors, but what you really want is the popup to stop showing after they sign up?

    All of this is possible, but most will require some JavaScript to be written and inserted. You may be interested in our priority support which includes us logging into your site and assisting with setup including the customizations needed.

    No, I want the popup to show “Thanks for subscribing” or “This email is already subscribed” after filling in the blanks. I don’t want a new page to open for this.



    I’m trying to do the same thing. I’ve spent over 9 hours today trying to figure it out. I’ve managed to get the pop-up looking great, but I really don’t want that mailchimp confirmation page to open up, and I can’t figure out how to get it working.

    I managed to get the form itself to work perfectly on a standalone post

    But as soon as I put it inside of the pop-up (, if I fill out the form it automatically opens up that confirmation page. Even though the code is the same in both places.

    I’m really stumped. Any more help on this subject would be a big help!

    Plugin Author danieliser


    @evahr, @jim – Our newest developer is working on a direct mailchimp integration extension now that will allow you to have a custom popup with a ajax submission and error checking. Users won’t leave your site and the thank you content will be customizable.

    With other plugin forms you would need to add the AJAX submission yourself or they would. That is what is missing from your current setups.

    He just uploaded a working rough copy today and will hopefully have a more polished version later this week.

    Hope that helps.

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