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  • I am getting no answer from Popup Domination support even as a paying customer so I will try here.

    Anyone using PopUp Domination 3.07 with WP 3.3 with sucess? I am getting a Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_rtl() in /path/wp-includes/general-template.php on line 2102

    I should never had bought this plugin even got the multi site license 🙁

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  • They are now up to version 3.13. They have been pushing out daily updates. 3.12 worked fairly well for delivering a basic popup, but the 3.13 upgrade causes errors on my site. I’ve deactivated it until the next update, which I anticipate will be soon.

    I think they pushed 3.0 out too quickly and we all turned into beta testers. The product itself has been fairly solid (I’ve used the previous version for a month or more), and it definitely boosts your signup rate. I’d suggest upgrading and, if that doesn’t work, hanging in there for a few more days. Or, if you are in some kind of guarantee period, get your money back now and wait for the dust to settle on 3.0.

    I can confirm, this is broken on 3.3.

    I cant get into the dashboard! I cant edit nothing! and there is no panic button! What can I do?



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    FTP into your site (or use whatever file management application your host provides) and rename the relevant plugin folder in wp-content/plugins. That should get your site back up & running again.

    But I dont know if is only the plugin… what else it could be?

    Actually, it worked. But now I have a extra plugin that Im not using 🙁

    Yeah I’m getting the same message on my Windows 8 site. definitely broken…

    CharlyNY, what did you do?

    I can confirm that Popup Domination 2.5.6 breaks WP 3.3.

    Yup, I just renamed of popup folder, and everything worked out

    How do you update pop up domination? I have not updated it since I purchased it.

    I have sent an email to the popup guys, asking for support (update, quick fix, whatever), so Im waiting… But they should know already… there are tons of people having the same issue.

    Yeh they have released an update for it.

    Yes PUD 3 & WP 3.3 don’t work together as is.

    CharlyNY How did you re-name PUD to get it to work?

    Thanks! Y

    They released an update today.

    It works now.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 47 total)
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