• Hello, How would I allow a popup to show on urls like this?

    //shows on this url and every url that comes after the trail.
    Eg. example.com/music/2017-music-awards

    Would it be possible with the “On specific URL” condition?

    Right now it only popups up on the exact url that you set, it would be nice if users could add an asterisk which means all urls after.

    I’m aware that I could use “Appear after user scrolled past a CSS selector.”

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  • Plugin Author jdailey


    Thank you for your interest in Hustle. You could use the Categories>Only These Categories condition to set this up.

    In your example, the /music/ extension would be a category (this would also work using the tag condition if you are working with tags). Select the Music category/tag and you should be good to go.

    Let us know if you need anything else.

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    Ok, but wouldn’t that only show up on /music/? That was the first thing I tried. I would like it to show up on all urls on /music/ and after /music/random-article/, my url uses categories in it.

    Here is my idea.

    I want to create a popup for each category. Then show the popup on an article if it’s in that category.

    Eg. example.com/games/random-article/
    The article url above would show a popup I created for games.

    Seems the only option is “Appear after user scrolled past a CSS selector.”

    Plugin Author jdailey


    Thank you for the follow-up. The Categories > Only These Categories condition should cause the pop-up to display on any post in that specific category not just the archive pages.

    That’s not the case on my end. When I select a category the pop-up displays on all posts, all pages, all tags, but only for that specific archive page out of all the archives.

    if you look at the top of the image, it says “Enable Slide In 1 categories, All posts, All pages, All tags.”

    Plugin Support Nastia – WPMU DEV Support


    Hello there @nowjm,

    Would you please enable Pages conditions; choose Only These Pages without adding any pages. This way the popup will not be shown on pages. Please see the screenshot:

    This should work.

    Kind regards,

    Hi Nastia, maybe you misunderstood what I’m trying to accomplish. I would like the pop-up to show on articles that have a specific category. Therefore, I’d like to make a popup for each category.

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    Hi @nowjm,

    Apologies for the confusion here, Hustle doesn’t have an option for this at the moment, with URL option popup/slide-in will show only on entered URL, and with category selector they will show on archive page for selected category.

    It does sound like useful addition so I’ve already forwarded it to our developers! 🙂


    Hi, is it possible to get a quick fix until you implement this option?

    Maybe we could modify “opt-in-condition-on-specific-url.php” to pop-up on all urls that starts with the entered url.

    Eg. example.com/news/*

    The pop-up would show on all url that starts with example.com/news/*

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    Hi @nowjm,

    I’m afraid that I’m not familiar with a quick workaround for this but our devs are already discussing about this option to be included in future.


    I’ve added display conditions for all of our pop-ups, but they are displaying all over the site instead of the limited conditions we’ve set. Why?

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    Hi @simplycharly,

    Could you please start a new thread with your issue, per forum rules, and we will look into this for you.

    Thank you,

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