• Bad editor. Poorly usable and chaotic. It worsens the writing experience and also leaves no freedom of choice, imposing a format that the developers decide. For example, you can not use the full justification, forcing the author to use plugins or use alignment left or right. Furthermore, I said, it is chaotic, not very intuitive and cumbersome.

    I much prefer the old editor. This can also be removed.

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  • Hi there! I’m a designer currently working on Gutenberg. Part of the reason that we don’t offer justified text is that the implementation of justification on the web is extremely poor, leading to “rivers” within passages of text. This makes it extremely hard to read text, which is why you don’t often see this justification used on modern websites anymore.

    One of the struggles with software development is providing enough options to make people happy, without overwhelming them with those options. That’s part of why WordPress’ plugin ecosystem is so strong, and one of WordPress’ core philosophies is to only include features in the core software that 80% of users will use—non-essential features can be implemented via plugins.

    Are there specific features beyond justification that you feel are missing from the editor experience?

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