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  • rpiket


    The documentation doesn’t explain any of the features. It just repeats the names of the buttons and menu options. so it’s useless.

    I emailed for support after purchasing the paid version and working with it for a while. I asked a very specific question about one particular function.

    The owner replied. I guess having to be the support guy for the plugin’s users has gotten to him because from his first message he was condescending and rude.

    He basically pretended he didn’t understand my question so he wouldn’t have to deal with it, and requested a screenshot, which was not relevant since it was a simple “how to” question so there was nothing to screenshot.

    I told him that I would figure out the issue myself and that, because he was so nasty, I was not going to renew my subscription when it expired (which was not for quite a while) and he summarily cancelled me without confirming I wanted to cancel at that time!

    (I wanted time to research other plugins; and since I’d already invested a lot of time in this one, I intended to use it until I found another one.) So the time I already invested was completely wasted because of his spitefulness.

    I suggest the owner hire a support team if he doesn’t have time or patience to handle the responsibility of supporting his plugin. To the potential plugin user, I suggest finding a plugin that is not “supported” by this ugly little man.

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