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  • I have tried for over a month to get support for his product and I get a nonsense response days later that has nothing to do with my questions. Is the WordPress equivalent of “Have you tried turning the modem off and on”. After doing some reading around the web, I am 95% sure that every positive review is a bogus review. Nobody has “been wanting to build a directory site my whole life”. I am extremely disappointed with this plugin. Maybe they will get their act together someday.

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    Hello @pageagency !

    Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your concerns. We want to assure you that we have addressed all of your support tickets. Our team has thoroughly reviewed and responded to each one of them.

    We apologize if our previous responses did not fully address your questions or concerns. We understand the frustration this may have caused you, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced.

    To ensure that we resolve your issues effectively, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with specific details regarding the questions or problems that have not been adequately addressed. This will allow us to review your case once again and provide you with a more comprehensive and satisfactory response.

    We are committed to providing excellent support and resolving any outstanding issues you may have. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we value your feedback as it helps us improve our services.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding. We look forward to assisting you further.

    Best regards,

    I couldn’t agree more. I have lost count of bugs I’ve found over a few weeks after buying the full bundle and the amount of unanswered ‘tickets’ and replies I’ve sent to their emails. They don’t listen, they don’t read entire emails, they don’t explain things, they ignore anything they can’t (or won’t) fix, and leave you hanging for days and days without a response. Directorist has amazing features and great potential but so buggy and inflexible with umpteen places for settings, language issues, etc. I could rant on… 🙂

    I also agree. I was documenting the problems but found a better plugin so I stopped giving a f#@! about this product. For anyone who is interested, these are some of the problems that I was experiencing at the point I gave up.


    There is no way to order the Pricing Plans without changing the dates of each plan. That’s clumsy.

    Furthermore, there does not seem to be a way to set the order in which a Plan’s features display. This is a huge problem.

    Need to remove the +tax hover on the Pricing Plans.

    Some of the wording that you guys choose for the frontend interface does not fit and there’s no easy way to make changes in the language?

    Regarding the plan prices, You can’t remove the decimal places. Also, the $ sign seems to have been omitted from the Checkout Total Amount.

    So many more silly silly problems. I could build my own directory with the same amount of time it take to get this thing usable.

    Documentation Problems

    • Outdated Documentation: Many parts of the documentation are outdated and show screenshots that do not reflect the current product.
    • Language Issue: Some parts of the documentation seem to be generated by a clumsy auto-translate script because the don’t make any sense. You should have a native English speaker proofread and correct all documentation pages.
    • Completeness: Some documentation articles don’t completely explain the subject well.
    • The Documentation Itself 1: The documentation is sometimes poorly organized and not well written and implementation steps are sometimes out of sequence.
    • The Documentation Itself 2: Navigating and searching the documentation is frustrating. There are no breadcrumbs for moving around on many pages. Why are there only breadcrumbs on the Themes documentation pages?
    • The Documentation Itself 3: The documentation is split in to 3 sections. Each section serves as its own top level. The Documentation page should be the top level of search for all 3 sections.

    Good points. Some of these points I have omitted from my emails to them because of the extent of my lists of issues but you are spot on.

    We can’t add HTML in the pricing plan description and can’t organise the list of features / what’s included in a price plan which is bonkers. Nor can we rearrange the price plans without duplicating one and redoing it so that we can rearrange the order in which they are presented on the website. Thank goodness for duplicator plugins to speed up this process.

    It is extremely inflexible in many ways and inconsistent too; when you dive in to one theme (PHP) to make an edit or in the settings, then do the same for another Directorist theme, the settings differ and so does the PHP.

    During some recent PHP edits, I found that loads of the PHP didn’t reference the correct theme (ie dCar was mentioned multiple times in PHP code for dRealEstate).

    It’s clearly rather clever in what it can do but very unprofessional in how it is built.

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