• This plugin is a great idea. But the plugin itself sucks. Only portions of it work out of the box,(I’m using the pro version mind you). The support has no problem fixing it when it doesn’t work. But they fix it the next day update the plugin and then the site needs to be fixed again. They always want to edit your files and administrator access, but they can never keep the plugin working past an update. They say every theme is different and causes different issues. Well then tell me a theme that actually works with this plugin out of the box and they can’t even give a theme that fully works with the plugin without having to edit something in there files. If you want a solution that just works and always works this is not the solution your looking for. If you like having someone keep changing code on your site and no telling you what they change well then this is the plugin for you.

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  • Plugin Author Sygnoos


    Dear @dansperfect ,
    It’s already more than 3 months our support team always did their best to help you both with knowledge bases for further configurations and with raised issues. We think we don’t deserve such bad review after all.

    It’s an undeniable fact that some issues are connected to third parties, and in case of “custom customizations within the code” of your current theme or a few plugins may affect on many products, as they are already out of WordPress scope. So sometimes it’s supposed that the issue is not from our side and we need more details to find and solve it. This may even not be connected to our plugin or lay under our responsibility, but we are willing to check and help you however possible.

    Your last request was related to your “theme”, so we offered our help via access to your dashboard to try to find and solve the issue you have had. We’re still waiting for your reply to continue the further assistance.

    We always do our best to satisfy all our customers and your case is not an exception.
    We kindly ask you to identify your current issue and let us know about our further assistance. Hope you will cooperate and change your review as well.



    What iasked you for in regards to theme is tell me a theme that works with your plugin not modification. Im sixk and tired of you logging into my system and wanting to edit file over and over after every update of your plugin. My old theme hadnt updated in 2 years but every update it was broken not because of my theme changing but changes you make in your plugin. That isnt a working plugin and taking hours every couple of weeks from working to deal with this loses me money. So i believe this is the review deserved. I have not seen any other plugin provider manage there plugin in this fashion, nor theme provider. Everyone may have to make one correction once but then they add the change to the next update so no one has to deal with the problem. You just want to keep fixing the same problem over and over which isnt proper business in my opinion. I know what coding is like and you cant tell me there is that many variations in the php language amongst users themes. So to not have these issues fixed is not acceptable. And to allow other business owners not know this would be morally wrong on my part. We are all trying to make money tonfeed our families and when someone cant provide a proper working product others should get to know there frustrations. I will not blindly hand you 5 stars because your a nice person.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Well. That got my complete attention.

    and tired of you logging into my system and wanting to edit file over and over after every update of your plugin.

    @sygnoos Can you please explain what that’s about? Explain as in please do not ignore my question.

    Plugin Author Sygnoos


    Hello @jdembowski

    So here’s the whole story.
    The user has a “bad-coded” 2 years old theme (we think so), which has resulted in incompatibility issues with our Premium extension.

    So, in spite of the fact that the problem was not produced by our plugin, we decided to help this user so he can use the plugin with his theme.
    The problem was resolved, eventually.
    But it reappeared after the update of our Premium extensions. And as some time has passed after our fix, we couldn’t remember what exactly was done to fix the issue previously.
    This is why we asked for the access again, just to help the user and not to see him upset, considering that this was out of our responsibility.

    We took a lesson, so we won’t be fixing problems not produced by our plugin in the future.

    Sorry @dansperfect for any inconvenience!

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


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    Fair enough. Do me a favor though, please try and refrain from logging into people’s sites as that gives me a rash and exposes you to real liability issues. This user is not happy: how far a stretch do you think it would be to require you to prove you didn’t break something or do something malicious? Don’t answer, it’s really a rhetorical question.

    As I do not think this review is going to go anywhere I am closing it. I’m leaving it in place though.

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