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    Improvements from slidedeck 1 overabundance use of jquery, however style sheets do not seem to be called using wp_enqueue_style giving us no option but being forced to use multiple stylesheets, even worse stylesheets gets called on every page.. TELL ME WHY?? I have slidedeck only on my homepage, there is no need for slidedeck stylesheets (slidedeck.css & theme.css) both being called on every page on my site.


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  • Hi Portoa,
    I’m glad you like our code 🙂

    You can turn off automatic enqueueing of stylesheets and JavaScripts on the advanced options page. If you do, remember to enqueue them yourself as this is an advanced implementation. http://d.pr/i/pCC3

    Why do we do it this way? Simple!
    If a user is adding a SlideDeck to their theme using the <?php shortcode ?> then we don’t know when/where to load our stuff. The idea is that SlideDeck should be easy to use, so we load them by default so people don’t see broken decks.

    I hope this helps,

    Thank you for clarifying that.

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