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    Despite two major hiccups in setting up this plugin (one regarding virtual products and one regarding express checkouts) that initially led me to leave a one star review, Adam took the time to respond comprehensively and respectfully, even in the face of an angry and short tempered customer such as myself. It’s rare to see plugin developers for WordPress make the extra effort to improve and provide a quality product to help overcome WooCommerce’s significant shortcomings, so this was a welcome relief, and I’m glad in spite of being a curmudgeon about it CartFlows still worked hard to find a resolution on my behalf.

    After a few email exchanges with the internal development team at CartFlows we were able to resolve the issue to my satisfaction, and I now look forward to using this plugin to help improve our revenue stream.

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  • Plugin Contributor Adam @ WPCrafter


    Hi Frank, Adam here. I am one of the co-founders of CartFlows.

    First off, thanks for taking the time to write a review here even though it gives CartFlows a poor impression. Let me try to unpack your review here and shed some light on some of the statements made.

    So I see you have opened up 4 support tickets. Let’s review these here.
    – Saturday, Feb 20th, 2:21am a ticket was opened up regarding analytics. We responded on the 21st at 3:43pm. Keep in mind we don’t publicly state that we have support on the weekends, however our team pitches in over the weekends to help.
    – Thursday, Feb 25th, 11:39pm a ticket was open regarding one-page checkout. We responded on the 26th at 11:57am.
    – Thursday, March 11th, 11:16pm a ticket was opened regarding shipping address and virtual products. We responded on the 12th at 8:48pm. This one had to go to one of our engineers which may explain why there were 2 typos in the email response you received. This was an odd one because we can’t possibly account for every scenario someone may encounter. CartFlows is being used on nearly 200k websites and has been on the market for almost 3 years. In that time, not once has this ever come up. So we provided an option for you and added your request to our custom development task list.
    – Friday, March 12th, 9:59pm a ticket was opened regarding Apple Pay and Google Pay. We responded on the 13th at 6:50pm. In this instance, our support rep responded with a screenshot and a short video. You responded by asking him to try in Google Chrome. Since this was a few hours ago, the ticket is still open and we sent a reply that this had to go to our dev team.

    So with that information, let’s address the specific points you are bringing up.
    – The issue of using our CartFlows Pro feature, Product Options, when you are offering a virtual and a physical product. This is the case where this is the first time this has ever come up after over 100k users of CartFlows, not once has anyone ever come against this. We responded with an alternative way to approach it and added this to our custom development task list. I understand that hearing that doesn’t solve your problem right this second, but this was literally just reported 48 hours ago and it’s currently the weekend. I really don’t see anything we could have done differently here.

    – The issue of express checkouts. This is an open ticket and we haven’t responded stating that we don’t support it. Your request was just opened up last night and it’s currently the weekend. Please allow at least a reasonable time for us to see what is happening there.

    Your criticism of our support. This is really hard to read because I reviewed every ticket that you opened and I am not seeing that at all.

    – We have promptly responded to every request you made, even when they were on the weekend.
    – Each response provided clear answers, direction, solutions.
    – I don’t see how any of our responses could be interpreted as “insulting your intelligence” nor did we ever request that you deactivate anything.
    – The only response that contained a grammatical error was when our engineer responded to you. I am sure it wasn’t done intentionally.
    – Your statement about us claiming that noting is wrong, this simply never happened in any of the responses to you. When you opened a request about Apple Pay and Google Play, we visited your website and there were no Apply Pay or Google Pay express checkout buttons on the checkout so we responded to let you know that. I am not sure what you think would have been a reasonable alternative for us to do there.

    Most premium WordPress products provide support in 2 – 3 days. For CartFlows Pro we state that we will respond in 24 hours Monday – Friday. Because we are committed to our customer’s success, we have support most hours of the day and on weekends.

    In all of your interactions with our support, we promptly responded every time regardless of time zone and whether it was the weekend. We were polite, professional, and always tried to provide a solution.

    When I read these reviews I try to see what we can improve. Yet I am having a tough time here. The only reasonable thing we could have done better was the grammatical error our engineer made.

    Thread Starter Frank


    Thanks for your response Adam.

    I wanted to point out a couple of things: one is that I was I fact asked if I deactivated all plugins and changed the theme. I realize this is a stock answer but it’s still frustrating to see it as it is a waste of my time and only prolongs fixing the issue. It may not have been said explicitly but the allusion is that this is a user error and nothing to do with the plug-in.

    To provide some context I’ve been getting this same stock answer dealing with other technical issues regarding different plugins (that did turn out to be plug-in related after all) so at this point once I had to deal with CartFlows as well I had zero patience left, so maybe I read too much into the responses.

    I also did not receive a screenshot or video either.

    Still, I don’t see how Express Checkouts is supported as is, you have to rely on functions to enable and place them, and they have no link to the products at all, so when you switch back and forth between different product selections the default product details in Google/Apple Pay remains the same.

    This has been a completely frustrating experience overall, a funnel that I expected to set up in an hour has now instead stretched into a week with no resolution yet. I’m angry but I should have been more patient and charitable so I apologize for that. I will of course adjust my review if this can still be resolved and I’m able to use the plug-in as expected.

    Thread Starter Frank


    The review has been updated, thanks for being cordial and professional about this even though you had no obligation to be.

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