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  • I bought it because of the price. I thought I was buying one of the most powerful things out there.

    Most of the features you pay money for like “multiple seller”, “Sellers selling the same product widget” are not available if you design your single product pages with elementor. Dokan only wants u to use the default woocommerce thing; who keeps the default woocmmerce these days of Elementor????.

    To make it more serious, their shortcodes are very limited.
    WORSE. Support cannot help you with anything. They will just reply your text with a sorry.

    I have dealt with developers who can give you shortcodes for features of thier plugins in minutes. But Dokan seems to rich to do such simple things for clients.

    Its common sense that if this plugin is not fully compatible with elementor (most dokan widgets are not listed in elementor widget section), the shortcodes will be of great help.

    My subscription ends this year, and am moving to WCFM. They have time to listen to customers even with the unpurchased version.

    Soon Dokan will learn the hard lesson. This plugin has been there for years and no major improvements at All… you are only keen on collecting money and creating promotions that lure people to buy (i did not buy mine on promotion anyway for your information) I spent $250 and I cannot use most premuim features because my pages are designed with elementor. Is it a crime to use elementor????? why cant your support provide shortcodes?


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    Hello @gobonyo74,

    We are really sorry to hear about your experience. We can understand that the elementor module we have has a bit limited feature but we have mentioned it in detail in the advertisement. We did no such marketing mentioning that the module works on all pages.

    However, we are also glad to inform you that we have already started our enhancement work where we are trying to make our plugin compatible with Elementor as much as possible so that Dokan elements on the Single Product page can be easily modified using the Elementor plugin without any issue. This is taking us some time but we are heading to achieve this.

    When it comes to our Dokan shortcode list, we know that there are rooms for improvements and we are looking forward to more enhancement work this year.
    The support can help you with any default feature and functionality. If there is an issue with such a feature we can help. Unfortunately, the support policy does not offer any custom requirement or a feature that is not included in the plugin.

    Finally, we will try to include more compatibility with Elementor in the future. For now, you can use the Elementor to design any WordPress page and Elementor module for the Dokan store page. The rest of the page that has Doakn shortcodes, will not allow you to design with elementor But we will improve such functionality in future

    Thank you

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    Well said, but does not change the fact that you you still treat customers with a lot of contempt, especially when its a highly priced plugin like this one. WHAT YOU CALL CUSTOMIZATION WORK SHOULD BE PART OF SUPPORT.
    I never give bad reviews(i undertand what it take to create a plugin) but when I do, it means that I have tried to get your assistance for some time without success.
    The day before I gave you a very bad review, I contacted your support team about HOW TO DISPLAY A SPECIFIC CATEGORY OF STORES IN THEIR OWN PAGE. You have this shortcodes [dokan-stores], you know what it does i do not need to explain. To display a specific store category the shortcode should accept the attribute; [dokan-stores store category = “my store category here”]. This is not working at all. And my support ticket has not be replied until this day.

    I don’t have a problem hiring someone to do this for me, but with your pricing, you should be ready to solve simple issues like adding shortcodes for clients and other simple requests. Your support does literally nothing.

    So the only language you understand are POOR PUBLIC REVIEWS. I’ll be glad to give you another poor rating.

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    Since you have not responded to my support ticket, am looking for a place to write to you and it seems like you respond here promptly because its about your image.

    I need to know why the refund is working the opposite way. I tried testing the Dokan refund system with a digital wallet payment gateway that accepts refunds. I completed one refund process and to my SHOCK, Dokan credited the refunded amount to the vendors account instead of taking it back to the customer wallet.

    May I know what is going on, this is not what I paid you for…

    Plugin Support roshni07



    I can understand the way you feel. But try to understand that we have a lot of users and all of the users have custom requirements. It is quite impossible for us to provide a custom solution to 60k+ users. That is why we have the support policy that we maintain. Also, the shortcode you mentioned is not included on the Dokan end. It can be an enhancement in the future but if something is not included on our plugin end, it requires modification on the coding end to achieve it. I have already shared your idea with the developers but it may take some time to include some new features

    I have checked on our ticket system and got one ticket of yours that was replied to from our end. So there is a possibility we have not received your new ticket. If you can please share the ticket number you are talking about I will make sure you get a response.

    As for the wallet plugin, you need to make sure that the plugin you are using is properly integrated with Dokan and its refund structure. Dokan does not have any default wallet feature so if you are using a third-party plugin you need to consult with the plugin provider about this issue and only the plugin provider will be able to help you with such a case. We can help you with any default feature and functionality-related issue with our plugin Dokan. All our tickets are replied to within 24 hours. In case you are not getting a response you can reply back to your ticket.


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    I’m closing this review to any further replies.

    For pro or commercial product support please contact the developer directly on their site. This includes any pre-sales topics as well.

    As the developer is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums. I am sure they will have no problem supporting you there.

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