• I contacted their presales support, priority support and customization department many times for the last 3 weeks and they made waste a lot of time. The average time to receive a reply is around 2-3 days. Answers to my questions were always inconsistant and preformatted. I asked their customization department to estimate the development efforts and cost to create a simple feature but I got discouraged from receiving questions and answers without any sense because they do not follow the thread of the discussion seriously! So much so that the last message I received asked me what was the scope of my request! a real joke. All this lasted more than 3 weeks to arrive at still not having a quotation!
    They make great promises on their website but are not up to the task of treating their customers well.
    Don’t do business with this company unless you have a lot of time to lose. Very disappointing !

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    I am really sorry the inconvenience and troubles you are having.

    Well, in general we reply support queries at any support channel within 24 hours.

    But, I accept we are failed to do so in last 7-10 days.

    The main reason behind this is WordPress major version 5.3 and WooCommerce major version 3.8, both come almost same time. So, we are more focused on testing those major versions and be sure everything is working perfectly.

    Hope you understand this and will agree with me, this testing is most important than anything else. Without this sites may breakdown or may cause many other issues, which are not acceptable at any cost!

    Well, if you are referring custom development then that always take more time to reply than usual support queries. Before sharing any quotation we have to be sure in all perspective, otherwise this will cause issue in future.

    For just maintaining a good response time if we share a quick quote to you, that will make you happy now but in long term you may feel that’s a false promise. We do not want to make any of our users feel like this, not want to do any false commitment.

    You are right, time is really important to everyone. I am again really sorry as you have to wait long for our reply.

    Hope you will agree with me, a quality solution is more important than a quick fix. So, we can not comprise with quality at any condition, whether it’s time or anything else!

    Thank you and feel free to reach us anytime. We are always there with you to help you 🙂

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    Well, we never heard back from you anymore.

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