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  • My guess is several of these reviews are fake as I have been using this plugin for five years and I have never had a 5-star experience.

    When I find some game-breaking flaws I contact support and always first get many responses basically saying deal with it. Then after several days going back and forth (mostly because their level 1 tech, Igor, extremely lacks any technical knowledge of their software), I will sometimes get a partial fix, which usually includes hacking their code.

    What’s worse is this is basically the only plugin that offers these kinds of features, so I am unfortunately stuck with them. I hoped they would fix some of these issues with version 6, and it had a lot of potential with the new editor, but they have also made is worse than v5 in a lot of ways. To name some of the main issues with v6 that have kept us from upgrading any serious client;

    • No longer supports server CRON job and multi-threaded queue, limiting you to their web CRON service only. So if you have subscriber lists over 5,000, it’s going to take the whole day to send your newsletter. They did this because they were losing money from people pirating their software, but rather than gimping their product they could of allowed the server CRON feature when you have a registered enterprise version.
    • The WordPress version has had a bug since it was released that, when updating, reverts the enterprise version to starter edition.
    • The WordPress plugin also has hard-coded permissions set to be Administrator role only. So anyone you want to manage Acymailing has to be an administrator.
    • The Joomla version redirects users to the homepage when unsubscribing, causing many people to miss the successful unsubscribe message.
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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 7 months ago by ronomik.
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  • Hi,

    I’m Alexandre, AcyMailing project Manager.
    I’m going to take some minutes to reply to this as it has been a really sad thing to read in the morning.

    We’re trying our best to make every customer the happiest person on earth but sometimes we unfortunately fail and then we receive bad reviews causing a lot of damages.

    Anyway, I’m going to reply to every point you’ve mentioned as we’ve never left a user in a “deal with it” situation, at least we tried…

    • People who have a valid license can create their own cron job on their server since AcyMailing 6.1.7 (8 July 2019). So that they can increase the speed of their sending process. That’s something we’ve added in one of our previous release.
      We have also planned (for one of the upcoming release) a brand new way to send emails. Which means being able to set up AcyMailing to use parallels sending process. This way people might have been able to send tons of emails in a few minutes.
    • This bug has been fixed in the last release we’ve made (two weeks ago) and might not be present anymore. I’ve just checked and we didn’t receive any new ticket talking about this. If problem is still present on your website then I would have been glad to take a closer look at it to fix this as soon as possible. Too bad we didn’t have this opportunity
    • You’ve probably not seen it but permissions is in our TODO list. We’ve had a tons of features to improve and yes, to be honest, it took more time than expected. But be sure this feature is in our TODO List
    • Here, that’s a Joomla issue and I can understand you’re frustrated with this one. As you might know, we have more than 100K users on Joomla and we’ve not been aware of this. So I guess that’s probably something going wrong which is specificly present on your website. This doesn’t mean that’s your responsibility but that means that’s something we could have been happy to fix.

    As regards your tickets and your discussion with Igor, I would be glad if you can contact us via the support form and ask to directly talk to me.
    This way I will be able to check all your tickets and see what have been done in a wrong way.

    To conclude, to be honest this bad review is hurting a lot as we’re trying our best to improve AcyMailing every day and to provide with the best support.
    I can understand you feel frustrated as you had some issues but I find this one really negative compared to the plugin overall quality.
    Anyway, I wish you a good day and I’m waiting for you to contact me so that we can take a look at the issues you had.

    Best Regards

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad

    @acyba That was good except for this part.

    We’re trying our best to make every customer the happiest person on earth but sometimes we unfortunately fail and then we receive bad reviews causing a lot of damages.

    You are completely wrong about that, please do not perpetuate this again.

    If you really feel that way then please contact the plugins team and ask them to remove your plugin from this site.

    This and other reviews are feedback. If you are trying to use them for anything else, if you think these 1 star reviews are damaging then you are doing wrong. This site may not be best for hosting your opensource code.

    Hi @jdembowski

    Sorry, the main idea was to say it’s hard to notice we’ve done something wrong.
    It is kind of disappointment and sadness seeing that we didn’t act perfectly.

    We’re glad to receive feedback as that shows we need to improve what we do πŸ˜‰

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Forum Moderator and Brute Squad


    Now THAT’S a good reply. πŸ˜‰

    You really need to know that users do see the 1 star reviews but they also click through and read the author’s reply.

    When the support team tells people that their reply far outweighs a 1 star review, we’re not being trite. Real people read the reviews and the replies. A good reply from an author is more effective than any 1 star review.

    Thread Starter ronomik


    Hello Alexandre,

    Thank you for responses, it is nice to find out about these fixes.

    We do not regularly check the changelog, but the new blog has been helpful. Looking back it seems it started at 6.19 which explains why I missed the CRON change for 6.17.

    We did, however, have multiple tickets about the local server CRON and had been updating less regularly because of having to apply a hack suggested by Acyba support on each update (so that our customer’s 7k subscriber campaign didn’t take two days to send).

    It would have been extremely helpful had a support team member followed up with one of our tickets to let us know of the fix.

    Make sure to ask for Alexandre in your email. So that ticket will be assigned to me directly!

    Have a good day!

    @ronomik Just checking if everything has been solved on your end as I didn’t receive any message from you yet. Hope everything is ok.

    Don’t hesitate to ask for me “Alexandre” if you have any question in the upcoming future πŸ˜‰

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