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    I paid $45 for FormMaker Pro only to find that they don’t have, what anyone but them would call, tech support. I submitted a software flaw to their support page, but never got a reply. I went to the forum while waiting for that reply and submitted a question about the forward and back arrows. I got a reply the next day. Thinking that’s how I was supposed to apply for support I resubmitted my important initial problem to the forum — not being able to access the Form Options or change the email address on a saved form. No reply. Maybe they only answer simple questions, but not those that demonstrate flaws in their software. I found other kinks in the software too, but my complaint is that there’s no support!
    Also there’s no shopping cart, shipping address, or ability to link to credit card processors in their button selection, except for PayPal. The sample forms they offer are almost useless unless you want to take a survey or apply for college or some other useless form.

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