• I have been waiting nearly two weeks for a solution on why the pro league version of the plugin crashed my dedicated servers.

    I provided them with ftp access, a copy of the file I downloaded from their download link.

    There is no communication for nearly two weeks on this even though Roch said he would look into it and get things handled.

    Poor support. I think I need to start a blog on wp rating of plugins.

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  • Plugin Author Brian


    @lonewolf95665 I noticed that this review was changed today. I’m a bit puzzled as it appears something has changed since your initial review 10 months ago?

    Looking through our support portal, I can see that our team has replied to each email you sent us, but it looks like they haven’t heard back from you. Here’s an email I attempted to send you earlier this year:

    “I had a look at the tickets you’ve submitted to us in the past and can see that we never received a response from you. Could you please let me know if you are receiving this message?”

    It sounds like there may be some issues with your mail server (for example, our mails being blocked from being delivered to you).

    We are dedicated to replying within 24 hours as much as possible, and definitely would not keep a customer waiting for 2 weeks as you mentioned. Could you look into these email issues, and check if you’ve received any emails from our help desk in the past?

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    Yes. I am receiving this email today regarding my issue. Just as a reminder, I had been informed by you that Pro version support was NOT handled in WordPress forums. My apology for not thanking you for the reply so as to allow you to close this thread.

    Now, on a more positive note. The Pro support is fantastic. Expect the response to take a day or longer but.. this is ok.

    I have a Dart League site up as a demo project for a dart association that I belong to. It is a work in progess..but thank you.

    Please close this ticket as resolved to the postive.

    Plugin Author Brian


    @lonewolf95665 Thanks for your reply, I’m glad to hear that the issue was resolved. This topic was posted as a review, so we can’t close it, but it would be great if you could adjust your star rating by visiting the reviews page. Thanks!

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