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  • Support is poor. An update included changes in hooks, which affected the capabilities. Upon contacting support, Vasyl told me it requires too much work to fix the bug in his own plugin, but yet tried to tell me to buy premium. He also referred to it as a “weird” caching problem with W3TC, when it’s not. The plugin path is excluded from W3TC. This is a straightforward issue with the hook. He also wants to dismiss it because I’m the only one so far who’s told him of this issue. Perhaps I’m the only one who’s contacted him so far, who uses the plugin in the way I do, and is experiencing this issue. Terribly dismissive and washed his hands of it.

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  • Plugin Author Vasyl Martyniuk


    Hi Leslie,
    You obviously do not know how to stop but it is ok.

    Let’s go this way. You website is quite complicated to deal with. It takes between 5 and 10 seconds to load and you have installed over few dozens of plugins. This gives the basic understanding for anybody that it is hard to troubleshoot it for limited amount of time that we can dedicate to you.

    I’m not quite sure that you understand the idea of WordPress hooks (in fact you mentioned that you are not developer and do not talk dev language). We do not change any hooks and keep all compatible with prev versions.

    Unfortunately we do not provide the free support if the issue can’t be resolved within short period of time and we did not force you to purchase premium version (it does not even exist). We gently explained you that if you need help – get our support.

    Conclusion. You are using the AAM plugin that has been given to you for free. The plugin that has been tested and proved by hundreds of customers (you are not the customer, you are a consumer because we did not establish any business relation with you) and instead of wasting yours and our time on all this unnecessary talk, you could either ask us nicely or get our support for and hour or two. Trust me, we know what we are doing here. Your issue could be already resolved long time ago.

    Anyway. Good luck Leslie with your future projects. You need it.

    If people weren’t to leave reviews, then there’d be no review section for us. I’m completely permitted to review a plugin I’ve used and experienced, as well as the support of it. They are candid opinions based on experience.

    I get it. You don’t like negative reviews. I don’t like being dismissed when I give you information. You never offered support for an hour or two. Ever. When I offer information back, you get mad. You also told me I had to pay for expanded functions. I presumed you meant like the ones AAM promotes in the plugin. Did you mean something different? There was literally no offer for other support made to me. You left it at that with me.

    I work with many other plugin devs, starting on their free version, and then moving to their paid version or other paid services, I’m well in the position to speak on this. Truly any customer who is using your plugin is. Any feedback is good feedback, at least that’s how you should look at it. I think you have a very odd definition of who a customer is. We’re all customers. The plugin is part of a strategy to converting customers of the AAM into other areas you offer. Remember when we emailed on that?

    The site takes 2.42 seconds to load. Speed tested and verified. And it uses W3TC + CDN. Now, you may be in a part of the world which isn’t close to a CDN version of the site. But, there’s nothing I can do about that. I’m on a dedicated server which is a large, powerful container. Mute point on the plugins. And everyone loves my websites, all of them. I don’t need luck, I create my own success.

    I never said I can’t handle dev language. I don’t walk around speaking it random strangers on the street. I think it would be helpful if devs, such as yourself, found better ways of explaining themselves, especially when there are language barriers. That’s not a slight, that’s an observation, and it’s one I think you can benefit from as I had difficulties understanding what you were trying to communicate. But, I do acknowledge your effort, though, in trying to communicate.

    W3 Total Cache is not some weird plugin. That made me laugh when I read you wrote that. My site isn’t remotely complicated, but understanding you think it is explains your context of understanding to me. It sounds like it’s over your head.

    And yes, I do understand the word “hooks.” I have coding experience. I prefer to use regular language with others rather than make them use mine. I happily shared with you I created a hook in Edit Flow to at least hide the publish option from writers so they didn’t inadvertently hit it, when saving drafts. How is it you think that’s horrible I shared a workaround, I have no idea. That’s a positive!

    Alas, I still stand by my review. Poor support, modifications in hook action (see your changelog notes for version 2.7- one can also compare the files visually to observe the changes.)And you were very dismissive of a sincere concern which suddenly occurred. Please recall, I said all was working great on 2.6. That last update has caused some issues in a few areas. Trying to sell me on other things, though, when it’s already not working just isn’t going to work with me. And an offer for other suport was never made.

    If things change, and you figure something out about the plugin, or decide to take another crack it, I will absolutely consider modifying my review. Until then, we’ll just keep on keeping on with the workaround I told you about. Let’s just take a break from this back and forth, for now. Let’s see what develops. If you want to know about the Edit Flow hook, you are welcome to email me and I’ll share it with you privately.

    Have a good week, Vasyl 🙂

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