• What is it with Gallery plugins & the absence of technical support when you buy the premium version? It’s now the second time I’ve struck a plugin developer with a seemingly good product but lacking in support. I don’t think it’s me.

    Relatively minor technical request via ticket and I got an initial acknowledgment & response (which didn’t solve the problem). Then they fell silent and it’s now in the 3rd week with the ticket still open.

    Do developers just work on creating a product and then just abandon it after launch?

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  • Thanks for posting this. This is very important to me when researching plugin providers. So far, the best support I’ve come across is from 10web. They supported my free version of their Photo Gallery plugin (up to a point).

    I look at it this way… If you can’t get a free/trial version to work and are not provided any support (sorry, but forums are not support), why would you pay for it? And if I’m having issues with the product, most likely others are too. Why wouldn’t a developer want to solve those issues to refine their product? I look at the free/trial users as a Beta testing program. They’re your frontline and most likely there will be more free/trial users than paid users. Take advantage of that.

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