• Had been happy with this plugin.

    I noticed none of my pages we’re loading. It would appear that shield was causing the problem. With it enabled – none of my pages loaded. Disabled – everything worked.

    I am a paying customer (this is on two of my sites). In fact, Shield had only recently auto-renewed – something I do not recall agreeing to.

    I approached support – after a number of emails – with more requests for information and me doing what had been asked – I get this

    ‘ “Look, it’s quite simple”… it doesn’t load when it’s on, it loads when it’s not. (that was my description of the issue – fairly simple, I thought).

    (This is supports comments) The tone in that writing like that is quite clear, at least it seems to be. It’s unpleasant. If you were talking to me face to face like this, I’d ignore you and walk away because I don’t have time for folk talking to me like that.

    So, support is upset because I am using very simple language – not offensive, just a little frustrated.

    The net result is that I have no support and no useable (already paid for) shield protection on my site.

    Certainly won’t be renewing again.

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  • Plugin Author Paul


    For those that read this review, we’re not getting into a discussion or “he said; she said” because, as you can imagine, these quotes have been pulled out of a full email body and don’t reflect the entire discussion. But we will say that sometimes dealing with certain clients is far from pleasant and while we try to help everyone, not everyone wants to be helped, or is willing to cooperate.

    It’s a pity, but the overwhelming amount of positive reviews on here will hopefully demonstrate to the reader just how much we put support of our clients front-and-centre in everything we do.

    While we’re sorry we couldn’t resolve the problem in this case, we’re satisfied we did what we could to elicit further details of the originating technical issue – no details were actually forthcoming.

    It’s also a pity that we get a 1-star review for our efforts, but again, we’re comfortable with the customer’s decision not to continue a business relationship with us, and confident they’ll find another product/service more suited to their needs.

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