• The reason I am rating this product as one star becuase I had been playing with the free version for almost 2 years and I find it very cool plugin however I know most of the times, free version tend to be limited so I can understand that. Until recently, I saw they ran a special black friday specials so I gave a though, why not upgrade and see what the new imporvements I would get. Afterwards when I upgraded, I was shocked that this upgrade was a joke and I will explain few things.

    1) GD Booster is a copycat same as Comet Cache, why in the world would you copy and re-design the plugin into yours and makes people think YOU developed the plugin? You can see the same screenshots:



    And what is worse, if you ever make any new changes or edit, you have to click CLEAR every damn time, I mean every time. It doesn’t cache by itself.

    2) User Dashboard – The only thing about this, it has a UGLY dashboard and not very friendly. There is no such way for users to see their profile to update info etc.

    3) Every settings in the GD is very complicated, many people are not that expert and most of them are too much and too confusing. I bough other plugin and it is very simple and very friendly and easy to use. Youc annot expect everyone to understand the whole GD’s admin dashboard.

    4) Since GD forces me to use only one word “Places” and if I want to change, I can but if I want different name, it requires me to purchase an addon plugin, seriously? WordPress is free and it can be done in WP’s dashboard. GD seems wants people to buy these addon and thinks it’ll be a nice change but it’s about them to make money over garbage addon plugins. There are so many plugins out there are mostly free while GD charging fee.

    5) The membership pricing are way too overpriced, I am sure most of people don’t have kind of that money and why would you charge too much? You should had just either offer affordable rate such as $10 a monthly or $99 a year, that is where you can see it would be a sensable-market product and more people will buy the product.

    I think I’ll stop ranting, overall GD is a good product but you guys have so much to do and my suggestion is to rewrite the entire plugin and make it more user-friendly, mostly the user dashboard and get rid of GD Booster.

    For people who want to have Directory plugin, I suggest shop elsewhere.

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  • Plugin Author Paolo


    Hi MiamiDrGuy,

    thanks for your feedback. However 1 star sounds a little harsh especially considering that:

    1) GD Booster is a fork of that plugin, not a copy cat. I don’t know if you know what a fork is, in case you can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fork_(software_development) It is normal practice in open source software development. If you compare the code of the 2 plugins, you will see a lot of differences. GD Booster is not the only caching plugin compatible. You can chose 3 other, no need to hate, considering you have alternatives.

    2) That is just a wee add-on that shows to the directory admin numbers about their directories. If you want a User Profile you can try UsersWP. There is a GeoDirectory integration too.

    3) We are working on a new version with more user friendly options, however with a little time, most of our users find GD to be enough user friendly as is…

    4) You can edit Places via translation file, without the extra add-on (you just need to check docs or ask): https://wpgeodirectory.com/docs/faqs/how-do-i-change-place-and-places/

    5) Price is very subjective. Most find it is a bargain (considering the amount of money they make). Some find it too expensive. I’m sorry you feel that way, however we did put a lot of efforts and dedication on GeoDirectory and we feel the price is more than fair.

    Again, thanks anyway!

    Amen 🙂

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