• I installed the plugin, wanting to make a quick backup before making changes to my site.

    I ran a manual plugin and no zip file was emailed.

    It came back with an error and said to look at the log file. If you are a non-techy like me, have you ever tried to look at a log file for an error?

    It’s a waste of time, a poor plugin that should just “work out the box” but doesn’t.

    I won’t be using this again and I wouldn’t recommend you ever use it.

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  • I sooooo agree with you!

    Thanks for the followup!

    It’s a shame but there we are.

    Just so you know, I started to use CYAN Backup. It worked well and in a few minutes I was emailed a log file.

    I logged into my site backend and I was able to click on a link, that downloaded a biz zip file. In that were all my files.

    10 minutes from plugin install to backup on my computer.

    Plugin Author David Anderson


    Hi Oliver,

    Sorry to hear of your negative experience. You seem to have compared UD’s ability to email you a backup with another plugin’s ability to let you download a backup.

    Note that when you choose “email” as the backup method in UD, it displays you a clear warning saying that this is likely to fail, because most email servers won’t allow the transport of email attachments large enough for a website backup. UD will also, like the other plugin you tried, allow you to not send the backup remotely but instead click to download. So, it sounds to me like you have compared apples with oranges here. Having low technical ability is one thing – but deciding to click past warnings and then blaming the plugin and giving a negative review for the result seems rather unfair on the plugin author.

    Best wishes,

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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