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  • Hello,

    Yesterday I downloaded WordPress for the first time and installed it.

    WordPress version is 2.7.1
    PHP version is 4.4.7
    MySQL “Client API version” (from phpinfo()) is 4.0.21

    I am able to see the WordPress “Hello World” page and log in to the admin page. However, any page I try to pull up is taking many minutes to load. Often 227 seconds (3 minutes 47 seconds).

    I have made no theme modifications and added no. This is a vanilla WordPress 2.7.1 install.

    I’ve put debug statements in the php code of /wp-settings.php and have identified the line: do_action(‘init’); as the culprit. Before continuing to track down the cause I thought I’d ask here.

    Thank You!!


    EDITED TO ADD: I have only FTP access to the hosting server (no shell access) and I do not know what the hardware is like. It is a shared server.

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