• When developers remove key features in free versions to gain revenue, it’s never a good move for them or the users. Not only is it a betrayal of trust between the two, it leaves a mark of mistrust which is almost impossible to shift. What the The Theme Foundry / HappyForms team should have done is manage their product roadmap much better with existing and new users. Of course, existing users should have been granted a version with full features but perhaps not an upgrade path. But what The Theme Foundry / HappyForms did was forcefully infringe their user’s work and directly impact their sites against their wills – without their permission. That is where the real damage has occurred between the user’s relationship with The Theme Foundry / HappyForms. Many rational users will understand the need for The Theme Foundry / HappyForms to generate revenue for their labour and development – of what was the best free form generator out there. But to come up with an excellent free product, allow their users to build countless forms, then suddenly pull the plug on key features WITHOUT the users’ consultation is a major no-no in the world of software. I personally cannot forgive this massive oversight, and neither will my many customers who were caught unaware with forms that no longer functioned as our site instructions said they would. Reversing product features to WordPress admins is one thing, but actively damaging our client relationships and leaving us to pick up the mess – is simply unforgivable! No apology for that can ever be sufficient. The impact becomes unquantifiable when this happens or whether the likes of Google ever decided to forbid access to their user’s Google Photos unless you paid them a subscription fee – the bottom line is the principle of deceitfulness, and that is precisely what The Theme Foundry / HappyForms are sadly guilty of I am afraid 🙁

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    Hey @punnorg 👋

    We’re really sorry about this! As we explained in some of our other reviews, we had to make this really tricky decision to go on supporting the free and paid version into the future. The free plugin just wouldn’t be support otherwise.

    We totally understand how this has let you down, and we’re sorry! Please let us know if there anything we can ever do to help ease this situation. Even if that means providing help transitioning you to a competitor’s plugin.

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