• The support at Codisto maybe quick to respond but they have no control over the poor quality of software created by the team. Proper integration is a big problem that fails to do import some of the basic fields into its listings and support takes forever to resolve those technical bugs.

    They asked me for access to LIVE WooCommerce and Amazon seller account to resolve this, which shouldnt be asked if they are doing proper logging at their end – a practice in softwares created responsibly.

    When I denied giving such intrusive access, they said, they are going to come back when they resolve this, but never did. My Credit card was charged after 30 days, which they refused to refund.

    I ended up with nothing done, wasted time, colluded data of Amazon Orders being imported where there are no filters to see (poor UX), and loss of $59 to their testing and integration errors.

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  • Plugin Author codisto


    Apologies that you experienced any issues whatsoever – that is never our intention. There are two issues here – 1) Technical and 2) Communication which are explained below.

    However, we are certainly not fraudulent and as the situation now stands your review is inaccuate and misleading for other merchants.

    1) Technical

    The issue you encountered related to the solution missing variation data. It was missed because WooCommerce has recently began to report variation data as simple product data (this is their error). Since you reported this issue we have released a plugin update to correct their error and detect both simple and variation data at the variation level. If you install the latest plugin the integration will work as before (and expected). We have reached out via support but you have not responded.

    We reiterate that this is a recent occurence that caused a temporary issue for some merchants. We have released a workaround even though the issue was not caused by us. We have many thousand merchants using our solution and point to the extremely low number of negative reviews as evidence as to the acceptance of quality of the solution (merchants rarely leave positive reviews!). Leaving a review that headlines “poor integration” suggest none of it works ever which is misleading to other merchants.

    2) Communication

    Whilst we don’t typically refund once trials have expired, in this case a refund request was never refused (we did in fact grant the refund since there was no product utilisation in the few days after the trial had ended. The refund just happened after the payment date occurred whilst we were trying to investigate and resolve the solution). If that wasn’t communicated clearly enough then we apologise. But you are not responding via support so it’s difficult to know what has and has not been acknowledged. The refund was actually made several days ago. You have not lost $59 and to tag the review as ‘fraud’ is misleading.

    Asking for credentials into your environment is a standard part of business due to the open source nature of WooCommerce – we can’t know what plugins may be affecting your environment without looking at your specific environment. It is entirely your decision to grant access or not but it helps with diagnosis. It is not possible to simply ‘log’ everything because we don’t have sufficient access where plugins are involved.

    Ultimately, it is our job to make all merchants have a positive experience and in this case we failed in that and can only apologise. That said, we have resolved all your issues and refunded your payment and therefore request that you either remove or update your review to not have it be misleading to other merchants.

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