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  • Jay


    There is a great potential, but the current implementation looks likes something of nightmare to use. Not only is it full of bugs, incompatible with the current themes, the media handling (compared to old editor) is overly complicated, SEO optimization takes a hit and more.

    However the worst thing about Gutenberg is the way it was introduce….default with classic editor ripped out. Who in their right mind made this decision is beyond me. If you really want to fix this…retrace your steps and find a way to make both editors available until the Gutenberg is ready for prime time.

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  • Plugin Author Robert Anderson


    Hi @pateljxgmailcom! I’m really sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Could you go into some detail on what bugs you’ve encountered? I can then pass along your feedback to the development team and get them fixed up.



    I think you need to rethink the implementation of Gutenberg UI. The current implementation is so focused on fancy layout that it totally misses the point of the blog that a blog is first and foremost a writing tool.

    The bugs I found were were usability & layout related can I doubt there will be simple fix to them. Some of these may likely require extensive changes.

    Here are few:

    –I cannot find a word count of the blog post anywhere

    –Theme functionality should NEVER break….when I insert a photo it looks totally different from “Classic Editor”. This is a non-starter.

    –I am unable to customize a photo for SEO on the post it was used. In the old editor, I am easily customize “Title, ALT Text, Caption” for the image instance inserted into a page or a post (leaving the original image intact). With the new editor there is no option to do this. NO, it does not make sense to load the same image over and over again if it is used in several blogs post and pages.

    –Once inserted one cannot link to the media to open in a light box (Perhaps this is tied to theme functionality, but it should NOT break.)

    –When you are using an image block you cannot search for images like you did in the old editor. This makes it impossible for me to find the media if you have several thousand images on your website.

    –My custom taxanomy it does not show up in the new editor.

    This is all just from trying to write a post…I haven’t even tried playing with Gutenberg in custom post types, woocommerce and other plugins that use classic editor.

    To be honest, I cannot imagine why the development team though it was good idea to make this default and remove the old editor?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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