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  • I was having video performance issues with S3 integration. After a lot of research, and posting a question to their forum, I purchased the PRO version on their recommendation to improve video streaming performance since the PRO version had cloudfront integration. Unfortunately, there was no way to test this potential solution before purchase. After purchase, this solution did not work for me…the Cloudfront performance was no different from the S3 performance. I decided to ask for a refund after purchase, because the upgrade to the ability to use cloudfront was not working for me. I was told that they had some issues with Cloudfront speed as well, telling me that the issue was with Cloudfront and I should contact Amazon, but would not do a refund based on this. However, I was not told about this issue when I first inquired about my speed issues on the forum…I was simply told that Cloudfront would likely solve my problem. It was not possible to test out the Cloudfront integration without purchasing the product first. I ended up making the purchase, but it was not an effective solution.

    My sole reason for purchasing was to improve my buffer speeds by integrating with Cloudfront. I had only had the product for a little over a day, and after many hours of work through the day trying to get it to work, including changing file sizes, encoding, etc, it was clear it was not going to be the right solution to me. Unfortunately they only give refunds in cases where the product itself does not work. I wish they would make this more clear on their website where they talk about their refund policy. The product itself is fine, and they do a good job of supporting the product itself, but as a customer I’m not happy with their refund policy. I’m not one to just look for free stuff, but as a small business myself, I have to be cost conscious. I’ve since found an alternative solution that doesn’t involve Cloudfront or FV Player that is more cost effective, less need of technical support, and still provides what I need.

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    Hi James,

    We provided immediate support for you here with logo issues and we’re working with you on improving your Amazon performance (there’s clearly an issue between your hosting and Amazon or within your Amazon account or even with the encoding of your video files).

    We offer a free version to the community as a test drive. We specifically do not offer a free trial version. We offer a guarantee that FV Player Pro will work in your environment. In your case, FV Player Pro works absolutely fine. The files play but just don’t buffer as fast as you’d like. You are simply unwilling to work with Amazon to improve your CloudFront speeds as we suggested.

    I can’t get Amazon support on this issue because it would require me going up another tier, which of course increases my costs further.

    I’m afraid we cannot pick up your costs and serve as a free testing agency for you. We’re happy to help you sort out your video buffering speeds. It could be as simple as the size or encoding of your files. If you could follow that guide (uses the free Handbrake as the reference software), it may solve your buffering issues. Otherwise we’d be delighted to offer you some sample files to try.

    If the issue turns out to be with FV Player Pro, we’ll either fix the issue or refund you.

    Thanks for being part of Foliovision!

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