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    Do you advertise your plugin in this review?

    I think what he’s trying to say is that he is the owner of the commercial plugin that you have included in your work and he is trying to tell you that he don’t mind that you use his code but he’s wondering why you included his name as well.

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    @luiginica I did not copy its plugin code, these plugins have only similar names. But I’ll rename them, it’s not difficult.

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    I used to plugin to force refresh install of my plugin, but because your plugin have the same slug of Thomas and the refresh install plugin compare plugin slug with WordPress plugins repo slugs, it installed your plugin instead of his. You can guess I was very confused to find that updating my plugin installed another plugin instead, despite the fact they have the same folder name in the /plugins fodler and on the same slug on WordPress repo.

    It is good to bring features for free to everyone but using same names is definitely bad. It is not only usurpation, but it can also breaks things.

    Please find a way to change your slug. This plugin isn’t even called gonzales anymore… Contact the WP team for that.

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Hi @x-raym,

    I’m very sorry that this happened! It was a big disaster for my plugin, I regret it. But the WordPress team will not change it, it is strictly spelled out in the rules of the plugin repository.

    You can write to the author of your paid version, so that he adds any character to the name of his plugin, for example gonzales-pro, this solves the problem.

    I would like to make this tool available and free, but I would not want to harm you and the author of the paid version.

    Best regards, Alex


    I just contacted the WordPress team for you. We’ll see what they can do with this situation.
    WordPress team doesn’t allows plugin devs to rename their slug themselves, but they may be able to change it for you.

    Contact infos can be found there:

    Plugin Author webcraftic


    Some hundred users of the free plugin will not be able to upgrade to the new version, so the plugin will lose access to the old link.

    Yes, it was a mistake to choose one of the following slug, but you are offering to harm other users to solve your problem?


    but you are offering to harm other users to solve your problem?

    I don’t offer anything, I just asked for expertise on this kind of situation to WordPress plugins moderators, as, as you can see, it can provoke bugs.

    Indeed, it is not possible to rename a plugin slug, even for WP team, it has to be deleted and then upload under a new name (and so, as you already knew but I wanted confirmation, the current userbase will have to update manually, which is not good either).

    So that’s it. I’ll be carefull the next time I force plugin update.

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