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  • ryanakabonez


    My site is and viewing the site in firefox the site shows as i would like it. In IE however it doesn’t. The Pool theme when i first started adding links this theme didn’t show them correctly.0 Furthermore, Firefox put the sidebar.php where it should be and IE put the sidebar all the way at the bottom of the page. I then took it on my own to add html to the sidebar.php file by using <a href and other html tags in it. If anyone can tell me how i can fix the html so it would show up normally i would appreciate it or tell me how i can fix the WordPress add link categories as it isn’t working for me.

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  • shep


    it is in my experience that when the sidebar goes all the way to the bottom in IE it is because the images in the posts are too large… i don’t know if that’s your problem though, but i would try resizing your images a bit to see if this helps.

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