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  • Running WP 3.9.1 with WooCommerce and Wootique theme. I am using default PermaLink setttings, dynamic front page and the default PolyLang settings.


    This is not so much a problem but a question to see if I understand correctly how PolyLang works for translating products in a WC store.
    I see it basically uses the same approach for products as it uses for posts, unless I am missing something. In other words: If I translate a product to 3 languages I get 3 independent pages with a “language link” only, and I have to:

    1. Reenter all product details such as price, weight, and so on.
    2. Use different SKUs for same product on each language, as otherwise I get an error about no allowed duplicate SKUs.

    1 is a good deal of rework and 2 seems a bit of a mess for admin work. Is there any workaround that we can use with the current version of PolyLang?

    Thanks in advance

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  • I would also be very interested in by product data syncing over languages. I find it quite hard to maintain this way.


    I would also very much like these featres. Currently, seeing as I have two langauges and the same product need a different SKU to be translated, I am unable to use any of the stock-keeping features, because Woocommerce doesn’t know that these two SKUs are the same thing.

    When adding a new product, it’s only the product description field that requires transaltion. All the rest of it can be monoligual.

    Or ideally, it would be good to be able to make bits of the Add Product page monolingual, whilst other bits are multilingual.



    its Big Problem for me Because I finished the work on details for first language (2 weeks of work).
    and now I want to translate to the second language
    I can’t use different SKU


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