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  • Hi Chouby.
    I’m using Polylang 1.01.
    My site being slow – several seconds for each page – I wondered why so I tested my plugins with another plugin called P3.
    I made the test several times. The load time goes between 1 and 6 seconds, and P3 says it’s each time 90 to 95% due to Polylang.I have 19 plugins installed and Polylang consumes 90 to 95% of all the ressources used by all the plugin.

    The slowlyness is not good in itself, for me to edit my website it is bothering, and Google takes the load time into account to calculate its PageRank, so that’s an important parameter.

    My question is :
    – Is this very long load time linked to linguistic plugins (that’s what you seem to answer to someone asking you in another thread) or to Polylang?
    – Is there a way to improve the load speed?


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  • I generally don’t use P3 to optimize the speed of Polylang as it is not reliable.

    I Just made a short experience on a local test site:

    Site load time (in advanced metrics):

    • WP 3.5.1 + Twenty twelve: 0.2632s
    • WP 3.5.1 + Twenty Twelve + Polylang: 0.3564s

    Now look at the detailed breakdown
    In first case:

    • core: 0.2369s
    • theme: 0.0462s
    • P3: 0.0217s

    In second case:

    • core: 0.2117s (11% less than without Polylang…)
    • theme: 0.0191s (59% less than without Polylang !!!)
    • P3: 0.0211s
    • Polylang: 0.1387s

    The obvious conclusion: Polylang makes WP and Twenty Twelve faster 🙂

    The less obvious conclusion: Yes Polylang makes your site slower (35% more time according to P3 in my test). The reason is that it interacts with a lot of database queries and all what is displayed by your theme. So as explained here, this should be common to all multilingual plugins but I encourage you to test other multilingual plugins and report here if one is much better than the others.

    In fact, you should read the P3 results carefully. If you want to find if a specific plugin or theme is guilty for slowing down your site, then you will probably have to test first WP + Twenty twelve only, then switch to your theme and add plugins one by one.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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