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  • WordPress 3.5.2
    Responsive Free theme
    Polylang 1.1.3
    Polylang for Responsive

    A few questions here, but first let me say great work on this Plugin and thanks.

    1) Di I need bot Polylang And Polylang for Responsive? Are they fighting each other?

    2) Can I add the switcher to the menu?

    The documentation for Polylang reads:

    You have the possibility to add a language switcher anywhere in a menu. Just click on the “Languages switcher” checkbox and then “Add to menu”.

    However, I do not see Language Switcher as an available option on the Appearance > Menus page. Am I looking in the wrong place? There are checkboxes for all of my pages, for my categories, and even a place for custom links to be added to the menus. But I don’t see a checkbox that adds the Language Switcher to a custom menu.

    2) Can I make the flag and texts bigger (in the header, for now)? They seem quite small on my site.

    3) Can I change the color of the text (in the header, for now) in the switcher? It is unreadable with my color scheme.

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  • 1) What is polylang for responsive?

    2) it should be there. Do you already have a second language? And a menu?

    3) you can. Using CSS, but you should add larger icons to have them display nicely. I could get back to you on the exact place to put the flags. I think it is in wp-content/polylang (a new folder which you should create), but not sure, maybe someone can confirm (sorry, no acces to my sources at this moment).
    I prefer using languages codes instead (en, fr, …). This is less confusing since English, Dutch, French, …are spoken in several countries. You can achieve this easily by adding them as icons the same way.

    4) yes, using CSS. If you’re not familiar with it you should check out some online sources on it (like W3schools. Or you could post a link to your website for more detailed suggestions.

    I have the same problem in finding the checkbox for adding the Language Switcher to a custom menu. Have you solved?
    I have three navigations menu, one for the language I’ve defined but the checkbox is not present…

    WordPress 3.6.1
    Shuttershot theme designed by Fab Theme
    Polylang 1.1.5

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.



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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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