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  • Hello,

    I am using Polylang to create a multilingual site.
    I would like all translated pages/posts to share the same slug between languages.
    In English:
    In French:

    Currently this is not possible due to WP limitations.

    I tried to use your plugin setting both pages custom_permalink to page-1.
    That means that
    EN page-1 has slug:page-1 and custom_permalink: page-1
    FR page-1 has slug:page-1-fr and custom_permalink: page-1

    The problem is that after doing that, both page URLs
    redirect to the same English URL

    I also tried custom_permalink: /fr/page-1 for the French, but the result was the same, it redirected back to the English page-1 URL.

    Is there something that can be done about that?

    Thank you very much,

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  • Plugin Author Sami Ahmed Siddiqui


    Hi Elias ( @eltarny )

    Does you have the latest versions of both plugins and WP?


    Thread Starter eltarny


    Hi Sami,

    yes, everything is up to date.


    Plugin Author Sami Ahmed Siddiqui


    @eltarny Pardon me for my late response.

    I have just released the new version of the plugin. I think, this version does resolves your issues with Polylang and Custom Permalinks plugin.

    So, i suggest you to update the version and provide your valuable feedback.


    Thread Starter eltarny


    No worries at all! I am very happy that you took time to look into my problem.
    Thank you very much for that.

    I updated Custom Permalinks to Version 1.2.7 and Polylang to Version 2.2.4.
    My WordPress is version 4.8.2

    My Polylang settings are
    – The language is set from the directory name in pretty permalinks
    – Hide URL language information for default language
    – Remove /language/ in pretty permalinks
    – The front page url contains the language code instead of the page name or page id

    My WP settings for permalinks are
    – Post name

    I have tried to disable all other plugins, save permalinks and save URL Polylang settings.
    I cleared all caches and tried different devices.

    Unfortunately the result is the same and the problem remains. Whichever page is saved first with a custom permalink, is the one the all the other pages with the same custom permalink redirect to.




    Hi Sami & Elias;

    I exactly got the same question with the same issue πŸ˜‰

    Try to have the same slug but for different language
    because you know contact, services are identical in english and french.

    one thing might be different in my setup the Custom post types and Taxonomies option is Deactivated and I’m unable to active it (gray option)..

    Anyway I just wrote more for the ping if someones figure how to do this.



    Thread Starter eltarny


    Hi Jonathan,

    not really, no. I ‘ve been trying after every update but it did not work.


    Plugin Author Sami Ahmed Siddiqui


    Hi Elias and Jonathan

    Thanks tonyou guys for still looking for the solution. I’ll recheck the issue as per following the defined steps above. Then try to fix this in the upcoming release.

    Let me know, if you guys have any other information regarding it.


    Thread Starter eltarny


    Hello Sami,

    Thanks for showing interest into this.

    No new info on this, just that it still doesn’t work.
    Using all the latest updates.


    S R Tayade


    I also need the solution on same issue. Just updated wordpress and polylang to latest versions. No luck. Anyone found some solution?


    I have a solution go to:
    Open polylang-slug.php ( copy and past this code into your functions.php πŸ™‚

    Thread Starter eltarny


    Hi dooki,

    Thank you for this.
    I have found this plugin before [you can install it as a plugin btw by downloading the zip file]

    1. My projects are for big clients and I don’t know if I could trust a non official plugin that it does not get updated
    2. I tried it, it seems that it works, but what if someone deactivates it and then what happens when multiple pages have the same slug? WordPress would go bonkers with that.



    @eltarny If it is for a big client I would just go with Polylang Pro which has this feature.

    Thread Starter eltarny


    Thanks @grapplerulrich,

    I have already proposed this to the client, but he needs the 25 sites yearly license as he has 9 multilingual sites.
    The amount sounded a lot to him πŸ™ hence, I am trying to find a free solution or at least something cheaper.

    Plugin Author Sami Ahmed Siddiqui


    @sushanttayade123 @dooki @grapplerulrich @eltarny

    First of all sorry to being delay in my response and Thanks for using this plugin…!

    I have checked this issue but don’t know why i am not able to generated this issue on my end. Maybe, i am doing any sort of mistake in understanding this issue.

    I have just published the v1.2.19 which resolves some issues. Please check this version and provide me your feedback. If this version resolves your issue then it would be great otherwise i need the help of your guys to being resolved this issue.

    I have created a new development domain where i have installed Custom Permalinks + PolyLang Plugin only. If the current version doesn’t solves your issue then please provide me your email addresses so, i can create separate login credentials for you guys by which you can generate this issue and i can work on that domain and resolve the issues as much as i can.


    Hey guys,

    I’m facing the same issue as described.
    The slug should be the same for different languages (good example for this use case are product names which are the same even in different languages)

    Url Structure:

    Example: (default) (english)

    One weird thing I found out is, that when you are logged in as admin (caching is deactivated) you can switch language for those pages. But when you are a normal user you cant switch page language on pages which share the same slug.

    I’m happy to help to resolve this issue. Please contact me at

    By the way I would love to know if this issue is resolved with the pro version?
    (Just saw the comparison table and it looks like the pro version fixes this issue. Is it true that you only get updates for one your with the pro version, after that you have to buy it again?)


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