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    First of all thank you for this excellent translation plugin.
    Is by far the best free plugin of its kind.

    I have a question
    Can i use polylang to translate the front page sections of onetone theme?With the rest of the theme posts pages etc works great but i cant figure out how to use polylang to translate the home sections of the theme

    to help you undertand better this theme use options framework admin to assign these sections to the one page home page that have.

    i hope to be clear whats my problem

    waiting for your response

    thank you and again congratulations for your plugin and support

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    You need to create a wpml-config.xml file like explain here

    You need just the ‘admin_texts’ part. In Onetone Options > tab Home Page you have 6 sections. Each section has 6 items that can be translate. I give you an example for the Section 1 and Section 2:

            <key name="onetone">
            <key name="menu_title_0"/>
            <key name="menu_title_1"/>
    	<key name="section_background_0"/>
            <key name="section_background_1"/>
    	<key name="section_background_video_0"/>
            <key name="section_background_video_1"/>
    	<key name="section_css_class_0"/>
            <key name="section_css_class_1"/>
    	<key name="section_content_0"/>
            <key name="section_content_1"/>
    	<key name="menu_slug_0"/>
            <key name="menu_slug_1"/>

    You should put your file in /wp-content/polylang/ (create the folder if it does not exist). Like this your file won’t be crash at the next update.
    I didn’t test, but it should work.

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    Thank you for your answer Chrystl

    I had already try this method

    Unfortunatelly the “section_content” doesnt show in the polylyang strings
    but “menu_title” works

    I really cant understand how to figure out the key that we have to use

    Plugin Support Chrystl


    I tested and “section_content_ ” works for me. It appears in Strings translation.

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    yes you are absolutely correct
    I had to replace “onetone” key with the name of my child theme “onetonechild”

    However dont you think that this way to translate the homepage of this theme is really a mess?

    if you make a little change in the sections also the translation reset.Very uncomfortable



    Thanks for this. I discovered that you also need to update the onetone index.php so that it uses pll__() to bring in the translated text.

    hi guys i use this theme “onetone” with “polylang” plugin an i create a folder in /wp-content/ and create a .xml file. all looks great in backend i can translate all text wich i want but in frontend “site” the translated text no change, so its appears the same text for all languages. help plz…. my site is “”

    I created the .xml file e put it in the /wp-content/polylang/ folder, but in Strings translation I can’t translate nothing. Nothing was changed. =(

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