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  • hi, i read through a lot of topics but could not really find a similar description

    i’m using WP 3.7.1 (just upgraded today as an attempt to check if it’s a version problem, was using 3.6.x before, no change)

    the theme i use is MusicPro

    generally the plugin works fine, the issue is with the menus. I have the box of the Language selector appearing and i can add it to the menu (that already existed before i installed the plugin) but the Pages tab that would hold the items for the menu does not open. No matter what i do.

    Therefore i’m not able to create menus. The one that is already created works to some extent, but remains the same when switching to the other language.

    Can you help me out with what i could do to resolve this?

    an interesting thing i noticed: when you go to the Appearance / Menu and the Manage Locations tab and click on Use new menu, the Pages tab is displayed but it’s greyed out – but it has all the pages (the translated ones too, i mean). Of course you can’t add them at this point, because you can only specify the name of the new menu and when you do and click Save menu, it all goes back to the general problem – i can only add the selector, but the Pages container does not open.

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    Can you create a second menu when Polylang is de-activated?

    yes, this is a workaround i could use. the menu is now ok and working fine, except for the fact that for some reason i’m not able to modify any options of the language switcher that is described in the documentation… it only has the options Url, Navigation label, and Title attribute. Can’t set flags, or any other options.

    But i can probably live with this, just wondering. It’s fine in the widget though, but not in the menu.

    Thanks, this plugin is very good, appreciate your work!

    Plugin Author Chouby


    It looks like there is a javascript error. Is javascript enabled in your browser (I believe that recent browsers do not allow to disable javascript anymore)? What is the browser and version you are using?

    EDIT: could you also try to look if another plugin (or even your theme) does not interfere (by choosing the twenty twelve theme and de-activating all other plugins except Polylang)?

    yes, it’s enabled. i’m using the latest chrome, 30.0.1599.101 m

    but tried with other browsers as well, like Opera and IE, and the result is the same.

    i think it’s something with the admin page itself, or IDK…

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Did you try to switch to a default theme such as twenty twelve and de-activate all other plugins to see if the problem persists?

    I have the same problem the only way I can add menu is to switch to the default wordpress theme.

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